Author of Electronic Cigarette Study Finds Nicotine at Last

This is hardly breaking news – Kate from the Vaper’s forum mentioned it to me last week. But for those who might have missed it…

The author of a report that found no nicotine in two electronic cigarettes he tested has now found nicotine in a third model, a fact he mentioned in a post on the ecigarette forum.

The author, Tom Eissenberg, wrote:

At the suggestion of some of you, I purchased a KR808D-1 with various strength cartridges (Cowboy flavor). I used it last night (18 mg cartomizer) and tested my urine with Nicalert strips this morning. Result? 5/6. Clearly, this result is consistent with recent nicotine exposure.

You can read the full post here. (Thanks to Bill Godhsall and his tobacco harm reduction newsletter for this fascinating tidbit.)

We’ll be summarising Tom’s original research on our research page as soon as we have a minute!

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