Drugs Don’t Replace Fags

I recently sent a link to a Bioportfolio Report to Christopher Snowdon, author of Velvet Glove Iron Fist.

Well, the contents of the report. The report, which is aimed at pharmeceutical companies, costs two and a half grand and neither of us felt like digging that deeply into our pockets.

Smart guy that he is, Snowdon noticed something which I didn’t.

I had focussed on this: E-Cigarettes Will Revolutionise the Face of Tobacco Smoking and Could Pose a Threat to the Smoking Cessation Market

Which I had seen as explaining the financial support that pharmeceutical companies are giving to the anti-smoking groups who oppose the electronic cigarette.

However, in his blog post Snowdon  also pointed out this:

6.3.1 Drugs Do Not Replace the Tactile and Oral Sensations Obtained from Smoking

It may seem blatently obvious to anyone who has ever smoked, but government and big companies need to spend thousands of pounds to find out the blatently obvious!

Basically, cessation drugs can’t replace the hand movement of cigarette to mouth. (I could point out another study but do you really need me to?)

Which probably partially accounts the dire 5% success rate for nicotine cessation products.

And also why at least some smokers have managed to stay with the electronic cigarette, despite the fact that at least one study suggests it is not effective at delivering nicotine.

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