New Electronic Study Great News for E-Cigarette Smokers

There’s fantastic news for electronic cigarette smokers.

According to a new study, the only harmful/addictive substance in an electronic cigarettes is not  getting through to users.

Apparently, they are getting as much nicotine as they would sucking on an unlit cigarette.

To be honest, we are sceptical.

We have a feeling that, if this was the case, we would be getting thousands of complaints from customers.

Instead, many are ordering refills on a regular basis.

Advantages of the New Study

However, if we assume it to be true it is great news because:

  • smokers would not be inhaling nicotine which, although far safer than inhaling burnt tobacco, probably still carries a small risk to health
  • smokers are able to switch to the electronic cigarette without using nicotine i.e. the placebo effect of e-cigarettes alone has been enough to help thousands of smokers full or partially replace cigarettes with e-cigarettes
  • one of the many worries that the anti-smoking lobby have would be invalid, i.e. that it would hook non-smokers and draw them to tobacco
  • smokers, after using the electronic cigarette for a while, would lose their addiction to nicotine

While we are sceptical, it’s worth adding that the placebo effects of the electronic cigarette are backed up research. A journal in the Lancet highlighted recently by Siegel found that nicotine alone was insufficient to replace cigarettes in abstaining smokers, and that smoking related stimuli was also necessary.

What do you think?

Are you an e-smoker? I’d really like to know if you get a nicotine hit or not when you vape. Please leave a comment sharing your experiences!

Note – Michael Siegel has a similar blog post on the Tobacco Analaysis blog.
Reported Results of First Clinical Trial on Electronic Cigarettes Suggest that These Devices are Much Safer than Previously Thought

2 thoughts on “New Electronic Study Great News for E-Cigarette Smokers

  1. I definitely get a nicotine hit from my e-cig.

    I smoked 25 to 30 cigarettes a day for more than 30 years, and I know a nicotine hit when I feel a nicotine hit. I started vaping when my daughter suggested it as a means to cope with a long overseas flight. I hadn’t intended to give up smoking, I just drifted into it because using the e-cig made it so easy.

    I doubt it would have worked if it had had no nicotine in it.

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