Survey: Electronic Cigarette Users Sceptical of Anti-Smoking Claims

They’ve battled the FDA and public health organisations, with nothing but blogs, forums and several highly respected scientists on their side.

And in the process, they have lost their respect and belief in the ever-more outlandish claims made by public health organisations.

We are talking, of course, about e-cigarette users – or, as they prefer to be know, Vapers.


We conducted a survey of more than 250 members of the public.

In the process we interviewed:

  • smokers
  • non-smokers
  • electronic cigarette users
  • people who both smoke and use electronic cigarettes

Electronic Cigarette Users consistently proved to be more sceptical of outlandish anti-smoking claims than both non-smokers and smokers.

Third Hand Smoke

Third hand smoke, according to ASH, refers to the hidden particles that are said to jump from smokers to non-smokers and infect them with cancer.

This was ‘proved’ by spraying tobacco residue with acid, and then analysing what was left. The discovery of toxins was taken as proof that third hand smoke caused cancer.

35% of smokers agreed that third hand smoke caused cancer – compared to just 5.7% of electronic cigarette smokers.

Bar chart showing mostly non-smokers believe that third hand smoke causes cancer.
Non-smokers proved to be the most trusting – with smokers less so, and e-cigarette users the most sceptical.

Smoker’s Breath

This wasn’t the only area where e-cigarette users proved to be less trusting.

Incredibly, 59% of non-smokers believed that smoker’s breath was dangerous.

More than a quarter of non-smokers agreed.

But only 10% of the more suspicious vapers accepted the claim.

Electronic Cigarettes

And as for electronic cigarettes – who thought they were dangerous?

Check out the survey to find out: Electronic Cigarette Attitudes Survey!

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