Do electronic cigarettes work?

It’s a common question.

But work to do what?

Electronic cigarettes as a replacement?

For the majority of people who try them, they’re an effective alternative to cigarettes.

It’s not just the nicotine. Some of our customers are happy smoking non-nicotine cigarettes. It’s the hand to mouth action and the throat kick that make the difference.

As a cessation therapy?

We can’t say – there have been no long term tests into the e-cigarette as cessation therapy, and until there have been we can’t no for sure.

What we can say is that short term tests in New Zealand have shown that electronic cigarettes can relieve cravings and increase the level of nicotine in the blood.

However, many smokers quit smoking just to take it back up a few minutes later. (That’s why nicotine cessation aids have exaggerated claims – they may help in the short run, but ineffective in the long term.)

To save money?

Oh yes.

According to our calculations – and we have given some margin of error here, as so many suppliers are accused of exaggerating claims about cartridge life – the new NJOY duo could save a 20 a day smoker £1,500 a year, a 40 a day smoker £3,000 a year and a 60 a day smoker £4,500 a year.

I don’t know what other e-smokers (especially those using e-juice) have worked out they are saving by using e-cigarettes, but I’d love to see some estimates!

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