Positive Results for Electronic Cigarette in BMJ Article

The results of last year’s study into the effect of the electronic cigarette on nicotine cravings have now been published in the BMJ and show some encouraging results for e-cigarette users.

Nicer than the Nicorette!

Users reported fewer adverse reactions using the electronic cigarette than they did using the nicorette inhaler. 88% of participants reported mouth and throat irritation after using the inhaler compared to 22% after using the electronic cigarette.

More than twice as many users preferred using the electronic cigarette to the inhaler: 58% chose it as their preferred device compared to 25% for the inhaler.

Reducing Desire to Smoke

The 16mg electronic cigarette was more effective than both the zero nicotine cigarette and inhalers in reducing nicotine cravings.

Interestingly, there was not a statistically significant difference for the first 10 minutes after smoking between the 16mg and the zero nicotine device, suggesting once again that the very act of smoking can reduce the desire for a real cigarette even when there is no nicotine involved. Over a longer period, though, the nicotine device beat the non-nicotine device and the inhaler hands down!

Amount of Nicotine Delivered

A much smaller amount of nicotine was delivered by the electronic cigarette than traditional cigarettes. The 16mg e-cigarette delivered 10% of the nicotine of a traditional cigarette, and about a third of the participants showed no increase the levels of nicotine in the blood.

Murray Laugesen, one of the scientists involved in the study, has told us that one of his main concerns is that the device does not contain enough nicotine. On the other hand, if users can make the switch to the electronic cigarette they should be switching to a less addictive product!


Murray Laugesen summarised the survey findings as follows:

The 16 mg Ruyan V8 ENDD alleviated desire to smoke after overnight abstinence, was well tolerated and had a pharmacokinetic profile more like the Nicorette inhalator than a tobacco cigarette. Evaluation of the ENDD for longer-term safety, potential for long-term use and efficacy as a cessation aid is needed. (Source: Health New Zealand.)

For the full text see: Effect of An Electronic Nicotine Delivery Device (E Cigarette) on Desire to Smoke and Withdrawal


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