Thank You for Smoking

Here’s a film I’d like to watch!

If you are wondering, like me, what its take on smoking was, here it what the director says:

“What I wanted people to think about was political correctness. I wanted them to think about ideas of personal responsibility and personal choice. I think cigarettes are a wonderful location for that discussion because cigarettes are something we know all the answers to”, he posits. “I wanted to look into this idea of why we feel the need to tell each other how to live and why we can’t take personal responsibility for our own actions when we fall ill from things that we know are dangerous.” [24] Stephanie Zacharek of Salon agrees with Reisman, “Despite its title, the movie doesn’t come packaged with a strong anti-smoking message, because it doesn’t need to: Everyone knows that smoking is bad for you, including people who continue to do it.” ”[25] The film is generally considered to be politically correct enough to avoid offending any one side of the debate.

Source: Wikipedia

Wow, someone actually promoting freedom of choice! That’s a rare thing for today’s nanny bully society.

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