Electronic Cigarettes versus Nicotine Replacement Therapy

A smoker and electronic cigarette user compares nicotine replacement products with electronic cigarettes.

Disclaimer: Obviously, the gentleman here is speaking for himself and his views do not necessarily represent ours.

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4 thoughts on “Electronic Cigarettes versus Nicotine Replacement Therapy

  1. Quitting is always the best option. I would check any adverse affects cause by not just smoking but nicotine…and of course, ask your physician.

    I quit after 10 years of smoking traditional cigarettes by switching to electronic. I think 50% of it for me was the actual act of smoking, which the e-cigarette obviously helps. The ecig doesn’t smell, no second hand smoke, you can smoke it pretty much everywhere, and you still get your nicotine with much less chemicals!

    I guess the companies don’t make quit smoking or health claims due to FDA regulations but common sense says 4000+ chemicals vs. a few is going to be much much healthier for you.

    As far as brands, just do your research. I tried a few before finding ProSmoke from http://www.ProSmokestore.com but everyone might want something different. Check cigreviews and electroniccigarettespot for opinions and reviews. The other brands came close but I am very content with what I have now.

    In the long run, it is also much cheaper. I would say 50+% for smokers. God this sounds like an infomercial….but do your research and good luck quitting!

  2. Obviously quitting is the best option, but the reason people try e-cigs is because they can’t do it alone. Fortunately, I’ve read a ton of stories of people weaning themselves off of nicotine completely, slowly but surely, using e-cigarettes with varying strengths of nicotine. I guess if you have the discipline and drive, you can always quit smoking eventually.

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