The Quality of E-Cigarettes

“Ahhh,” said the journalist, as he blew out a cloud of e-cigarette vapour from the NJOY duo I had given him.

“That’s what I have been missing.”

He hadn’t had a cigarette for a few days, but had desperately missed the hand to mouth action of smoking.

This, he told us, felt just like a real cigarette, even though it had no nicotine kit. (I had given him one of our zero nicotine cigarettes.)

Unfortunately, a lot don’t, and I wasn’t surprised to see in a recent survey that some smokers surveyed hadn’t found them as satisfying as real cigarettes.

A lot of devices continue to be made without supervision in Chinese factories by retailers out to make a quick buck rather than build a long term future based on product satisfaction and good customer service.

It came to pieces in my hand.”

A recent example came from one of our newest customers.

She had ordered from a company called NJOY-UK. (The company, which is based in Cyprus, is currently being sued by our American supplier NJOY over misuse of their name.)

The e-cigarette came in a battered box and, when she opened took the e-cigarette out, it fell to pieces in her hand.

We’ve now sent her the real thing.

It’s okay, but…

Another well-read blogger complained recently that while the device he had bought was okay, it wasn’t as good as the real thing.

It’s going to cost us £45,00, as we are sending him an NJOY DUO kit to try out.

Personally, I am convinced that he will find ours much more like a real cigarette. I’ll keep you posted as to what he says!

(And we’ll also be linking to the article once it is complete – unfortunately I have to keep mum until it has been published.)

Threatening the industry

Unfortunately, inferior products threaten the industry.

Some of our customers tell us they have tried the cheap versions and now want to try a quality e-cigarette, and others are attracted by our one year warranty.

However, I am sure many more are put off forever, returning to the tobacco cigarettes that may well lead them to an early death.

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