Top Electronic Cigarette Products from May

It was all DUO last month, with the 2in1 electronic cigarette kit out-stripping sales of all other kits! However, top sales goes to our (DUO!) refills.


Position one goes to our very long lasting DUO refills!

We’ve lumped them together here, but their position in order of preference is:

High Nicotine
Medium Nicotine
Menthol Medium
Menthol High

2. DUO Electronic Cigarette Kits (2in1)

Our newest and most advanced electronic cigarette starter kit is also our most popular. The device features an advanced integrated atomiser and refill cartridge (known as a cartomiser), making changing cartridges a doddle and removing the need for fiddly atomisers.

3. NJOY Pro White Electronic Cigarette Kit

We still sell a few NJOY Pro White kits – we’ve kept these on for now because customers who have bought our older kit recommend it to their friends, who then want the exact same model.

4. The NIC Electronic Cigarette Kit

This is a super kit – along with the NJOY DUO it feels like smoking a real cigarettes – but it looks very different!

5. Electronic Cigarette Batteries

Check out these superb coloured batteries – just because it feels like a cigarette doesn’t mean it has to look like one!

6. Electronic Cigarette Car Ready Kit

Get amazing value with our NJOY car ready kit!

7. Leather Pouch

This stylish NJOY leather pouch will keep your trusty e-cigarette safe from the British weather!

8. Car Charger

Charge while you drive, vape when you arrive! Also comes as part of our car ready kit.

9. Metal Cases

These electronic cigarette metal cases provide a snug fit for your NJOY.

10. Atomiser

We don’t sell as many of these as we used to, because most customers go for the NJOY DUO and these don’t require atomisers. (And did we mention all our products come with a one year warranty – meaning in the rare event of a failure you get the part repaired or replaced – for free!) However, some customers like the additional peace of mind that having a spare atomiser for their older NJOY PRO gives them.

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