Zero Nicotine Electronic Cigarette Kit

From Canada to New Zealand to Europe, e-cigarettes with nicotine have been made illegal.

However, in most of these countries e-cigarettes without nicotine are legal.

That’s why we have come up with the Zero Nicotine Electronic Cigarette Kit.

Suprisingly, it may still give just as much pleasure.

Some studies suggest that the role of nicotine in addition has been overestimated.

In Tobacco Abstinence Sympton Supression Dr Thomas Eissenburg findings suggested that smoking stimuli played a large role in the pleasure of smoking.

Of course, with billions at risk, the pharmaceutical companies who dominate the nicotine cessation market, and who fund research and anti-smoking organisations and anti-smoking conferences, are not going to publicise their findings.

As Professor Siegel says:

The overemphasis on nicotine replacement therapy for treatment of “nicotine” dependence is no coincidence. I believe that the strong influence that Big Pharma money has had on the tobacco control movement has contributed to this apparent distortion of the role of nicotine compared to behavioral factors in maintaining smoking addiction.

The No Nicotine Electronic Cigarette Kit

But enough about politics.

For the pleasures of smoking without the nicotine, we bring you the Zero Nicotine E-Cigarette Kit.

Click here to check it out: The Zero Nicotine E Cigarette Kit – because you don’t need nicotine to enjoy a smoke!

Zero Nicotine E-Cigarette

2 thoughts on “Zero Nicotine Electronic Cigarette Kit

  1. Hi,

    I am currently a non smoker but wanted to try a nicotine-free e-cig. just wanted to enjoy some puffing without any harmful chemical involved. Is this possible?


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