New Flavours for the NJOY DUO Electronic Cigarette

For a long time we have avoided adding fruit flavours to our website.

With anti-smoking organisations in America accusing e-cigarette companies of targeting children with flavours (while at the same time promoting nicotine gum with flavours such as fruit chill), it seemed best to avoid.

A couple of things have made us change our mind.

One is that customers are making personal requests to supply flavours – we have just had one wholesaler order 10 cherry kits from us.

Another is a recent review of our electronic cigarette from Underdogs Bite Upwards which points out that while our NJOY is easy to use and is closer to a real cigarette than other devices, we don’t have the same range of flavours as other websites.

So to keep the most important people (our customers!) happy, here are our newest flavours for the NJOY DUO electronic cigarette:

Cherry Flavored Refills
Apple Flavoured Cartridges
Strawberry Refills

These add to our existing collection of flavours:

Traditional Tobacco Flavour


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