National Vapers Club News + Update

National Vapers Club have started a news video (see the first one below), with a huge focus on what they are doing to counter local bans around the US.

You can also see National Vapers’ Club reaction to the press release here:

FDA “Struggles to Maximize its Regulatory Power” over E-cigarettes

Or listen to a discussion of the issues by two vaping lawyers on VapersPlace (page since removed).

Listen to internet radio with kevbow on Blog Talk Radio

If you are a vaper National Vaper’s Club deserve your support! Especially if you are a US vaper you can help by checking out this site:

You can also support their work by buying a raffle ticket here.

The National Vaper’s Club have also recently appeared in two high articles, one on the Wall Street Journal, and one on

If you want to know more about the National Vapers’ Club you can read or watch an interview with Spike, the President of the National Vapers’ Club, on our website.

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