FDA Banning Menthol Cigarettes – but why?

I noticed on Nicotine Buzz that the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE) are protesting a possible upcoming ban of menthol cigarettes.

The move seems illogical for two reasons.

Firstly, why allow people to use a product that kills you in one flavour, but not in another flavour? One thing we have noticed selling electronic cigarettes is that 90% of people tend to like one product or the other. Tobacco flavour smokers tend to order only tobacco flavour and menthol smokers order only menthol flavours.

But the message seems clear – you can kill yourself, but you can’t enjoy the flavour you want while you are doing it!

Secondly, why make trouble? If you ban something which people are addicted to and enjoy, you get a criminal trade. America, a country which tried to ban alcohol in an experiment which turned out to be a spectacular failure…

… should know this.

And that’s precisely why NOBLE is opposing the move, stating:

“NOBLE has serious concerns about the unintended consequences of a ban, which we believe would precipitate a robust and troubling illicit market.”

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