Losing Our Trust (or our naivety?)

Dick Puddlecote has just published a fascinating post about the resignation of Henry Lewis from the American Physical Society.

Henry Lewis has resigned over corruption, the subjugation of science to money and what he calls the Global Warming Fraud.

Like Puddlecote, I don’t know much about global warming – but after the lies spread about electronic cigarettes and passive smoking I no longer believe what people in authority say.

Here’s some of the more extreme lies which have been spread by fanatics in tobacco control:

  • That third-hand smoke (i.e. meeting being in a room where someone has been smoking, or meeting someone who has been talking to someone who has been smoking) is dangerous.
  • Smoker’s breath can be harmful to health
  • That 30 minutes of exposure to drifting tobacco smoke can cause a heart attack.
  • That e-cigarettes pose dangers to both smokers and non-smokers.

Check out what scientists say about these extreme smoking claims.

When you realise these are lies, you start wondering what else you are told are lies – and stop automatically believing what you are told.

And it’s not just me. According to National Vaper statistics, there are a million electronic cigarette smokers who choose to use e-cigarettes despite the manipulations of the pharmaceutical companies and the protestations of the (big-pharm funded) anti-smoking lobby. That’s a lot of scepticism.

Which is perhaps a good thing!

Incidentally, put Henry Lewis into google news and not one article comes up about his resignation. The only place you will find discussion is on small niche blogs and sites. As Puddlecote points out, some things are just not open to public debate.

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