Sign the petition – Keep electronic cigarettes legal in Europe!

A new petition has been launched to protect electronic cigarette in Europe.

As you may or may not know, the European Union is planning to label e-cigarettes as tobacco and stop cross border selling.

This is the same organisation which banned SNUS – a vastly safer alternative to smoking.

To protect the use of a device which scientists say is at least 99 times safer than smoking sign the petition now!

Also, please post the link anywhere you can!

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12 thoughts on “Sign the petition – Keep electronic cigarettes legal in Europe!

  1. Totally self-centered and typical of the EU idiots we call MEPs, who don’t actually give a hoot if normal cigs kill the poulation. Why would they? They get huge tax revs from it!

  2. I have been using E-cigs for nearly three years. They have changed my life for the better. I am much healthier than when I was a smoker. It has changed my life.

    1. It’s people calling their Vape gear “e-cigs” that I think has screwed us all! They should have never been branded as electronic cigarettes. They took ‘cigarette’ and ran with it! It really boils my blood that you all use the term “e-cig”

  3. From U.S. user of electronic cigarettes for the past 3 years–(prior to e-cigs, I’d been totally dependent on regular tobacco cigarettes for the past 40 yrs.; present age: 75). I’d already tried nicotine patches, lozenges, etc. and had found them useless in trying to quit the habit. My first trial period of the electronic cigarette made it instantly possible for me to give up regular cigarettes, switch to the electronic product. PLEASE DO NOT remove these off the market, it would force me back to using regular tobacco. p.s. My source for electronic cigarette supplies for the past year+ has been through a U.K. marketer, its product far more reliable than any offered in U.S.

  4. Survived from lungcancer (lost the left lung) for 5,5 years now, thanks to e-sigarettes.
    Stop smoking is no alternative for me cause I’m allready a 22 years long -pain-patiënt- too and my pain-nerve system won’t let me do “anything else” all day and parts of the night.
    Going back to cigarettes will end my life quickly, but I will have no choice.
    “De mens wikt, maar het kapitaal beschikt.” (piece of -Miek en Roel- song in the “protesting sixties”(Belgium)

  5. I am amazed that the E U are even considering banning the e cigarette. I have been using mine since last march and never even consider smoking genuine cigs again.
    I researched the item before purchased and I have not only saved myself a fortune, do not smell of stale smoke and have definitely noticed a huge benefit to my health, I do not offend others, have to leave my home or other venues, pubs, cafe’s etc; and do not feel like an outcast while I use my e cig and others who do smoke the genuine thing are indeed frowned upon, spend a fortune or have to either stink the environment that they may be in, their homes or go outside in all weather’s, whilst the government rake in and reap extortionate tax from smokers.
    What harm are we doing by giving up the dreaded cancer stick? as far as i’m concerned its all about the money that the government take out of our pockets !

  6. You be the judge I mean isn’t it obvious that the victims of the smoking addiction are now deemed insignificant if they think outside the mainstream of failed quit methods. It is well known the patch, gums, lozenges and all those legal Big Pharma vaporizers containing nicotine (up to 4mg) not to mention chemicals we can’t talk about that produce negative thought like suicide from Chantix. Another taboo would be to mention local children viewing such adult behavour. After all children do mimic don’t they? Hmmm guess that is the only reason we still don’t stand up for the children under 12 picking tobacco for the tobacco industry. We are quick though to ban asbestos which is directly linked to many cancers. Oh….lets sell it to Africa instead since we are already down there digging up their diamonds and gold as if it were our own.

    I’m ashamed really. Ashamed I turned into a smoker back in 67. Ashamed I have all these liberties to simply speak out …LOUD….if I have to. Ashamed in my leaders of great nations that I believed were a good example for the entire world of those who simply are not educated enough to know what they have of true value. Nelson Mandela once said: There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than in the way it treats its children. My generation, myself included have failed terribly and I ‘m here still to yell it out if I have to…’s time to fix this Corruption, Deception, and worst of all Complacency that we embrace while projecting to the world how civilized we are.

    In closing, know this…I’m a 64 year old single dad with two teens living at home with me now; that has advanced emphyzema and was given 3-6 months back in June 2013 if I don’t do chemo or targeted radiation on my severely damaged lungs caused from smoking. It took me til September to finally decide to try an electronic cigarette with ( 1.2mg) of nicotine. I have not had to have a tobacco cigarette since. I quit smoking. I now VAPE. Lucky me, it’s the only four letter world I threw out here even though I’m really pissed at all the negative attitude thrown at the victims of those giant corporations society so much embraces through ignorance and complacency. With my time left with my children this will be my means of paying back for what I owe to those who are still suffering from bad choices. Don’t smoke. Thank you. VAPE OUT LOUD!

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