The New Threat to the Electronic Cigarette

A new danger threatens the electronic cigarette.

The threat comes from a body which is already almost certainly responsible for the early deaths of thousands if not tens of thousands of smokers.

This organisation allowed smoking to remain legal while banning a product which scientists maintain carries no additional risk of smoking diseases.

The product? Smokeless tobacco.

The organisation? The European Union.

In the one country where smokeless tobacco, or its safest and most popular brand, SNUS, is allowed in the EU (under special exemption) smoking diseases such as lung cancer have plummeted.

Indeed, according to Dr Joel Nitzkin, Chair of the Tobacco Control Task Force for the American Association of Public Health Physicians:

“…the literature on snus, which is evaluated on our website, basically shows that in the best of the epidemiological studies available today snus do not increase any cause of death…”

That hasn’t stopped the EU from denying smokers the right to a safer form of nicotine usage.

Now the EU has announced a review of tobacco products INCLUDING electronic cigarettes.

As a first stage to banning the device, this could stop all internet and cross-border sales in the EU.

E-Cigarettes are not 100% safe – but experts estimate they are anywhere between 100 and 1000 times safer than inhaling tobacco smoke.

But you can help.

The EU is holding a public consultation into their review on tobacco products (including e-cigarettes).

Why not contact them – and tell them to butt out!

Email them on:

[email protected]

addressing your email to:

Mr Antti Maunu, Acting Head of Unit, SANCO C6.


Kate from Vaper’s Network has also posted on this – see Recreational nicotine may become available only on the black market [Link since removed].

In particular she writes that you can also contact the WHO on the same issue on [email protected] There’s also a form you can fill in here:

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