Are E-Cigarettes Banned on US Domestic Flights? No says FAA

According to a recent press release by ASH electronic cigarettes are banned on US domestic flights.

ASH US are masters of implying that which is not actually true – in particular, we remember when ASH made a press release stating that the US was about to ban electronic cigarettes. We had several emails from people who thought the e-cigarette had been banned, when in fact the organisation was just pre-guessing the decision of the US court. Then there was the occasion in which they announced a smoker was put on trial for murder by second hand smoke. The smoker was put on trial – but only in a film! (Thanks for Chris Snowden for pointing this out.)

To find out if ASH were telling the truth, we decided to question the US Federal Aviation Administration.

No Policy On Electronic Cigarettes

Their reply was clear:

Please check with the Airlines on this issue, we have no Order, Notice or policy document on this issue.

Individual domestic airlines may have their own policy on e-cigarettes, but there is no blanket ban on e-cigarettes on planes in the US.

More information about ASH?

Want more information about ASS? Check out this official website.


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