Bill Godshall’s Tobacco Harm Reduction Update

Tobacco smoke pollution

Atlantic City casino settles secondhand smoke lung cancer lawsuit with former employee for $4.5 million (page since removed)

Electronic Cigarettes

E-Cigarettes Win Court Ruling (New York Times)
Appeals court: FDA can regulate electronic cigarettes as tobacco products, not drug devices (ABC News)
FDA cannot block e-cigarette imports: U.S. Court (Yahoo News: Link since removed.)
Appeals Court Says FDA May Not Ban E-cigarettes (Reason)
NJOY Electronic Cigarettes to be Regulated by FDA as a Tobacco Product (Yahoo Finance – link since removed)
CASAA Lauds Decision on Electronic Cigarettes (page since removed)
CTFK urges FDA to spend more taxpayer money appealing court ruling in attempt to ban e-cigarettes (Tobacco Free Kids)
Johnny Depp uses e-cigarette in new movie “The Tourist” (in theatres Dec. 10)
X Factor television show contestant Matt Cardle uses e-cigarette (UK)
Legal To Smoke Electronic Cigarettes Indoors (IA) (Link since removed)
E-cigarettes gaining popularity in Bars (SD) (Link since removed)
Lancaster Board of Health defines e-cigarettes as tobacco to regulate sales (MA)
ALA continues protecting cigarette markets by urging ban on far less hazardous smokefree e-cigarettes (FL)
Madison County Board of Health passes first reading of e-cigarette usage ban based on misleading propaganda (Link since removed)

UC Riverside e-cigarette prohibitionist propaganda falsely touted as science, grossly misrepresents health/safety risks to scare the public and ban the products (press release) (full text) (link since removed)

News media repeat UC Riverside e-cigarette prohibitionist misinformation (Link has been redirected by source)
University of California says you might as well smoke
The Wild Wild West of e-cigarette manufacturing (Link since removed)
Spilling nicotine: safety concern or clumsy researchers?

Smokeless Tobacco

Smokeless tobacco picking up steam

Products growing in popularity as smokers turn to cheaper and less obtrusive alternatives

Burgeoning market for smokeless tobacco products (Link since removed)

Survey finds far more 16-20 year old Norwegian male smokers prefer snus for smoking cessation over NRT, brochures, internet or telephone quitlines, cessation classes, and healthcare services.

Survey of 16-20 year old Norwegian snus users finds: – the vast majority of snus users find it satisfies need for nicotine, reduces urge to smoke, and makes or would make it easier to quit smoking, – 1/3rd of snus users are female, and – daily snus users are significantly less likely to be daily smokers than are 16-20 year olds overall, and weekly or occassional snus users.

Despite evidence snus played/plays key role in Norway’s smoking decline, the WHO attributes it to virtually everything but snus.
“As a result of strong tobacco control policies, the prevalence rates of smoking in developed countries have declined significantly over the last 10 years.33–35 For example, Norway, which had strong tobacco control policies even before the FCTC was one of the first to ratify the FCTC.35 Norway has a complete ban on smoking in bars and restaurants and legal protection from exposure to tobacco smoke in workplaces. The age limit for buying tobacco is 18 years. Reducing tobacco use is mainly done through: (i) preventing the uptake supported by legislative measures, high prices of tobacco products, educational programmes in school and communication measures; (ii) smoking cessation supported through a quit line, counseling by health personnel, tobacco cessation courses and access to nicotine replacement therapy.”

Swedish National Institute for Public Health lies about snus and erectile dysfunction in newspaper (and the translation)
No studies that show snus causes erectile dysfunction: Newspaper prints correction and retraction (English translation)

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