Bill Godshall’s Tobacco Harm Reduction Update

Tobacco Harm Reduction Products

Professor Riccardo Polosa conducting clinical trials on e-cigarette efficacy and safety (Italy) (Link since removed)

Italian No Smoking Association and Professor Polosa defend e-cigarettes (page since removed)

Did You Know : Electronic Cigarettes (Alabama)

Breathe New Hampshire honors legislator for bill that banned e-cigarette sales to minors

Drug industry trade group urges nations to ban e-cigarettes to protect NRT products from market competition

The Electronic Cigarette: Public Health Movie (parody) (AshtrayBlog – we actually made this movie a couple of years ago – it suddenly seems to have become popular)

Tobacco control does the easy thing, not the right thing

Tobacco Prohibition and Contraband

Survey: 17% of Americans think all tobacco smoking should be banned, down from 22% in 2008

Average monthly sales of taxed cigarettes in NY drops 27% (from 41 million packs to 30 million packs) following $1.60/pack tax hike (from $2.75/pack to $4.35/pack), well above predicted 8-10% volume decline, indicating huge increase in black market.

Black market cigarettes cost NY $20 million per month in tax revenue

Upstate convenience store chain downsizes after NY cigarette tax hike increased black market cigarette sales (page since removed)

More than 13 million contraband cigarettes seized in Canada (page since removed)

Legacy Foundation again urges FDA to ban menthol from all tobacco products, fails to acknowledge that doing so would:
– create a black market for untaxed and unregulated menthol cigarettes (as other prohibition laws have done),
– significantly reduce government tax and MSA revenue (and subsequent funding for public health programs), and
– potentially increase menthol cigarette consumption (if black market price is lower than current retail price).

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