Electronic Cigarette Industry Wins Huge Victory

NJOY wins appeal case in the US!

In what is a huge victory for NJOY and the electronic cigarette industry, an American appeals court have regulated that the electronic cigarette can not be regulated as a drug.

Regulating it as a drug would have meant an effective ban on the device as it went through years of trials.

Instead, the device must be regulated as a tobacco product, which means it can continue to be sold.

The case follows an intial victory for NJOY.

We’ll be writing more about the case later, but right now it’s time to have a beer and enjoy some positive news for the electronic cigarette.

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2 thoughts on “Electronic Cigarette Industry Wins Huge Victory

  1. I’m not so sure this is necessarily a win but more like a catch22. Although now the FDA can’t stick it’s hungry fingers in, since these are now considered tobacco products I can only imagine the gov’t will step in and try to tax these things.

    I fear we’re going to get screwed either way.

    Hopefully our flavors stick around

  2. I think flavours will go, to be honest. Things are moving towards a compromise which will eventually see the FDA and the e-cigarette industry meeting in the middle – which will probably mean legal e-cigarettes but no flavours.

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