ASH makes new discovery, danger of chemicals depends on who uses them (and who pays ASH cash)

In a fascinating new scientific discovery, ASH has found that the danger of some chemicals depends on who is making money out of them.

For example, tiny traces of tobacco-specific-nitrosamines are absolutely harmless when used in products sold and promoted by ASH sponsors.

Nicotine poses no danger when sold as a nicotine cessation product by an ASH donor.

And we have heard no complaint about the use of propylene glycol as an anti-freeze in drinking water, as a coolant in air-conditioner or to sterilise the air in children’s hospital wards.

But in products (the electronic cigarette) that compete with the sponsors of ASH, these same substances pose a terrifying death threat to smokers and non-smokers alike.

“Long after nonsmokers like you helped ASH ban smoking on airplanes — first on short flights, then all domestic ones, and finally on international ones — smoking on airplanes is back. But this time passengers are smoking e-cigarettes [e-cigs] that emit a deadly mixture of nicotine (an addictive drug which contributes to heart attacks), propylene glycol (a respiratory irritant which can cause respiratory tract infections), and a wide variety of carcinogens and toxins.”

Incidentally, the trace levels of nitrosamines found in e-cigarette liquid (but not in its vapour) are at almost exactly the same level as those found in the nicotine cessation patches endorsed by ASH.

ASH goes on to claim that:

“…new research shows that nicotine emitted by e-cigs combines with chemicals in the air to form extremely potent cancer-causing chemicals which adhere to surfaces like seats and carpeting where they linger and further expose unsuspecting passengers.”

Source: ASH Docs (Apologies, page removed since this post was written.)

So let’s see what a real scientist has to say in response:

“This is an outright lie. There is no such evidence. No study has ever been done which documents that vaping results in the formation of carcinogens that adhere to surfaces, and no study has ever been done which documents that vaping on airplanes results in the deposition of such carcinogens or to carcinogen exposure among passengers.”

Source: Tobacco Analysis Blog

Cash for ASH

It’s quite clear that the danger of a product depends not on the chemicals it contains, but on the amount of money paid to ASH.

Therefore, all the electronic cigarette industry has to do is pay ASH cash and they organisation will suddenly find the electronic cigarette to be a desirable and safer alternative to smoking.

Personally, I think I would rather put a gun to my head and shoot myself.

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p.s. Don’t expect a reply from ASH – they know when they debate the science they will lose!

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