Latest electronic cigarette user pictures

From DJ Beanie:

Read to Vape: DJ Beanie with a Smokers Angel electronic cigarette.

Exhaling the vapour from an electronic cigarette

DJ emailed us with these pictures, saying:

Previously to buying my Pro Duo ECig, I smoked roll ups which always left my clothes smelling and friends that don’t smoke not wanting to visit.

I watched many youtube videos into what e cigs were like and was very unsure but I thought ‘what the hell’ so I placed my order.

Now I couldn’t live without it, I am able to still enjoy smoking without all the coughing, being out of breath and smelling. Being able to use this whilst Im DJ’ing in a club is brilliant and legal. Some people look at me strangely until they know what it is.

I will only use as they have so much information on new products and research that’s gone into E smoking. Everytime I place my order, I’m comfortable knowing that my product will arrive, its what I ordered and it will be just as perfect as previous order.

No coughing, No wheezing, Less out of breath, No horrible smell or after smell, Friends are now comfortable while Im smoking. Brilliant!!!

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