Scientists: Why electronic cigarettes are safer than tobacco cigarettes


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We want to tell you about an exciting report produced by Zachary Cohn and Professor Michael Siegel.

According to them, we now know more about electronic cigarettes than we do about tobacco cigarettes. There are thousands of chemicals in tobacco smoke which yet have to be identified, but we know exactly what is in ECigs.

We also know that chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes are not in e-cigarettes in anything other than trace quantities.

The only trace carcinogens found in ecigs are hundreds of times lower and at almost identical levels to NRT approved nicotine patches.

This exciting new report from Dr Michael Siegel has analysed 16 different studies, and the conclusion is, and I quote:

“They [electronic cigarettes] are undoubtedly safer than tobacco cigarettes.”

For full details of this report click on the link below.

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Scientists: Why electronic cigarettes are better for you than cigarettes

Our summary of the summary!

A new study has removed any lingering doubts over whether cigarettes are safer for you than electronic cigarette.

On the website we have summarised the main points of Cohn and Siegel’s 2010 study into the electronic cigarette, but below you will find our summary of the summary!

1. We know more about electronic cigarettes than about tobacco cigarettes. We know every ingredient in e-cigarettes, but there are thousands of chemicals waiting to be identified in tobacco smoke.

2. The one type of carcinogen found in e-cig liquid (not the vapour!) is less than one percent that in cigarettes and comparable to nicotine patches.

3. Smoking Cessation: There have been no long term studies but short term studies/existing research suggest e-cigarettes may be more effective than NRT products.

4. Electronic Cigarettes are undoubtedly safer than regular cigarettes.


For a video and text summary of the research head over to the website here:
New study shows electronic cigarette undoubtedly safer than tobacco cigarettes

To go the whole hog and read the full story click here ($30 cost.)
Electronic Cigarettes as a tobacco harm reduction strategy for tobacco control.

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  1. Bullshit you dont know what your talking about. I bet the tobacco companies bribed those profs to make that stuff up!

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