Non-smokers who live with smokers barred from work

We`ve talked on this blog before about the dangerous spread of discrimination against smokers spreading in both the US and the US.

Discrimination which has lead to smokers being barred from hospital rooms – even when they are not smoking – being fired from their jobs and losing custody battles over children.

But here`s one from earlier this month which I missed – and it`s one of the most extreme example I have seen.

Employees of one company in the US wll not be hired EVEN IF THEY THEMSELVES ARE NOT NICOTINE USERS.

If tobacco is detected in the prospective employee’s system – no matter whether that tobacco comes from living with smokers or using a nicotine patch – the person won’t be hired, said the health system.

Source: News Tribune (page since removed)
For some reason, discrimination which is complete unacceptable against other groups of society is considered acceptable when it comes to smokers.
It`s dangerous. And it`s spreading all the time – as shown in comments in news articles:
Only one of the calls was negative [about a smoking ban] and that person was a smoker.
And comments by the general public:
Smokers of all races are a filthy underclass of people and should be ignored on health issues because they are obviously horrible decision makers.

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