Welsh Assembly to stop smoking in Wales – by talking!

The Welsh Assembly has a bold action plan:

to slash the number of smokers in Wales by a third in just 10 years.

How are they going to do it? Legislation, even more taxes, public bans? No, by talking:

it called on councils to lead a debate about the issue…[and] will lobby the UK Government on non-devolved issues

Source: http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/2011/02/24/wales-today-sets-out-plans-to-slash-the-number-of-smokers-by-a-third-in-10-years-91466-28225080/

This will no surprise to anyone in Wales, where the Welsh Assembly is widely regarded as a way to get ‘jobs for the boys’.
The place is a complete waste of time and money which does little but provide expensive bureaucratic obstacles in the way of the few people who actually make money in Wales.

And they are very good at spending lots of money at doing very nothing – except make life difficult for people.

  • When one friend started working at a Welsh National Assembly department he was told off for working too hard. He now says he does about four hours actual work a week – which he reckons is more than his colleagues. He is also shocked at the amount of money wasted.
  • A friend who wants to extend his business has been waiting 8 years for a decision on a licence. When he went to Ireland, he had a decision in three months – because the department concerned realised it would create jobs for the local economy.
  • A sheep farmer I spoke to last night is tearing his hair out at having to deal with three seperate agencies in Wales – agencies which after 12 months of repeated letters have still been unable to correct his address.
The list could go on, but you get the idea!
There’s a comment on the story which summons it up well:
Publicity seekin as ever. Do the job you are paid for and stop interfeering in peoples lives to deflect from how badly you are failing the people of Wales

The only bonus is that by doing what they best, talking crap, they will hopefully make less legislation – allowing us to get on with our lives enough to pay the taxes that keep them in the lifestyle they are accustomed to.

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