What Have the Pope and Condoms got to do with E-Cigs?

A selection of coloured condoms.

First, let’s just say that condoms bear no actual resemblance to electronic cigarettes.

I think few people think condoms make sex better (well, maybe the ribbed ones…) whereas a lot of dedicated vapers think e-cigarettes are better than tobacco cigarettes.

The comparison comes when we get to harm reduction.

The Pope has said that we shouldn’t use condoms – we should just stop having sex altogether. Which is great if you are a priest (in which case you probably prefer alternative) but also expresses a profound naivety about human nature.

Meanwhile ASH say you shouldn’t switch to safer alternatives, you should just quit smoking. Preferably using the expensive quit smoking aids sold by their sponsors.

(The anti-smoker movement is much larger than ASH, of course, but ASH are so wonderfully extreme (they have even suggested smokers could be tried and executed for murder via passive smoking) that they make a wonderful example.)

Both the Pope and ASH deny reality.

banzhaf and the Pope pictured side by side.
Different men, same tenuous connection with reality.

People have sex because it’s in their genes and their nature to do so (hence the success of the human race) and hard core smokers won’t quit nicotine because nicotine is both nice and addictive.

Unfortunately, an alternative to smoking that both contains nicotine and mimics smoking is as unacceptable to hard-core anti-smokers as sex is to the Pope.

The message is clear.

Quit or die, whether it be from aids or cancer. Because frankly, none of the fun police give a flying shit about you.

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