US Vapers Could Face $10,000 Fines


Some US vapers could soon be losing some serious cash if nutty legislators get their way.

We had good news in the UK yesterday, with the MHRA deciding there was no need to regulate electronic cigarettes as medicines.

In the US things are different.

After NJOY twice defeated its opponents at a federal level (and in both court cases judges made clear that they had no health concerns about the use of e-cigarettes) opponents of the e-cigarette took the fight to the states.

Now grass roots consumer organisations like the National Vaper’s Club and CASSA are fighting an exhausting battle against creeping anti-electronic cigarette regulation.

A sneaky ban

The latest ban attempt is in Tenessee. This is a particularly sneaky ban, as it purports to stop minors from using electronic cigarettes.

Nobody minds this, because no responsible retailer sells to kids anyway.

However, according to Elaine Keller from CASAA, the legislators:

cleverly buried a section that would ban sales to adults (with a $10,000 fine, no less) within a bill that purports to ban sales to minors.

$10,000 – just for trying to save your life – and of course damaging the profits of the large tobacco and pharmaceutical companies.

Here’s a message from Spike at the National Vaper’s Club:

Tennessee Ban on e-cig SALES! Please go to and take 10 seconds to click the link that fills out the letter for you and then sign your name and hit send! PLEASE help.. your state could be next!!!

If you are American, please send the letter. And if you are not, please help spread the word!


Tennessee Ban – more info on Vapor Talks

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