The absolute best electronic cigarette links from around the web


Great e-cig links from the last couple of weeks. And a couple of smoking/nicotine ones, too…

American for some non-smokers rights: Nicotine Truth is outraged at the latest lies by ANR. (Aren`t they the people who want to ban cigarettes from films?)

ECITA attacks MHRA`s `insidious` programme of research: Katherine Devlin of ECITA analyses the MHRA`s research programme into e-cigarettes, and finds reason for deep suspicion.

Professor states politics, not public health, driving tobacco control: The latest revelations on the Tobacco Analysis Blog.

Vaper Monthly: New electronic cigarette magazine, professionally laid out and downloadable in a pdf format.

National Vaper`s Club promotes freedom of choice in Times Square. Together with a new website called Choose Vape they hope to raise awareness about the awesomeness of electronic cigarettes.

Utah to make possession of nicotine a crime: Buying cigarettes or e-cigarettes could soon be illegal in Utah. Dream on, Utah politicians!

Smoking at home to be made illegal: Even some members of the anti-smoking movement are shocked at this invasion on privacy in Belmont.

EU to ban smoking in pub gardens – as 6 pubs a day go bankrupt. Goodbye pub culture!

From anti-smoking to anti-drinking: Velvet Glove Iron Fist charters the growing movement against alcohol – and an anti-drinking group co-hosts a conference with ASH. Meanwhile Nutt, the professor who was fired for being too nutty, argues that there is no safe level of alcohol exposure (although as we noted recently other surveys find alcohol helps you live longer and prevents Alzheimer`s!)

Electronic Cigarette War: Information collected for a project – would be a great with a voiceover but interesting as it is: `Propaganda is a specific type of message presentation, aimed at serving an agenda. Even if the message conveys true information, it may be partisan and fail to paint a complete picture.`

Have I missed any great links? Let me know!

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