The Electronic Cigarette Link Tank

rusty chain

Pharmaceutical companies announced they were developing an electronic cigarette last year

Choose Vape advertisement in Times Square

Bill Godshall interviewed on e-cigarettes and tobacco harm reduction

US Congress committee wants to hear from e-cigarette users about FDA wasteful litigation (page since removed)

Could Tobacco be good for you? asks Simon Rierdan

No, it’s can’t, says one nurse after a year of playing spot the smoker.

Two tobacco products free of FDA oversight

Turning Cash to Ash: A look at ASH UK’s finances

Smoking ban heart attack lies


CASAA on Causes

Cigarettes and the Budget

The VAT rise isn’t going to bother Underdogs Bite Upwards – it’s the corresponding rise in the criminal supply of cigarettes that will hit his pocket.


California bans smoking on outdoor private property

Obama invaded Libya because of nicotine withdrawal symptons!!!

Pfizer excluded depressed from chantix/champix trials???

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