EU Consultation on Smokeless Tobacco

A Well, shall we?

The EU is asking for opinions on whether we should kill smokers.

Or they might as well be doing. In the latest law to be considered by the body, the European Union are considering banning all smokeless tobacco throughout Europe.

That’s despite the fact that smokeless tobacco is a safer alternative to cigarettes, and one that many smokers who can’t or don’t want to quit use to replace more dangerous cigarettes.

The EU have already banned the safest form of smokeless tobacco, Snus, despite epidemiological evidence that suggests it does not increase any risk of death.

And by, doing so, the EU could could be killing up to 92,000 smokers a year. Evidently that’s just not enough!

Why should electronic cigarette users should be concerned?

Besides caring about our tobacco-chewing friends, exactly the same harm reduction principle applies to smokeless tobacco as does to e-cigarettes.

The substance may not be safe in absolute terms, but a product scientists estimate is 99 times safer than cigarettes should not be made illegal while cigarettes are legal.

I sincerely suggest that vapers join forces with smokeless tobacco users to oppose this ban.

But everyone should be concerned, and not just because the safer alternative is the one that is being banned.

When you start banning things because they are not safe (which is the EU’s excuse, ignoring scientific evidence to the contrary, for doing this), you can ban anything that’s dangerous.

Smoking. Drinking. Fast food. Horse riding. Sky-diving. Motorbikes. Coffee (which, incidentally, has about the same risk level as e-cigarettes.)

Whether smokeless tobacco, electronic cigarettes or indeed tobacco cigarettes are safe or not is a moot point. When we have enough information to make a rational decision, let us make the decision for ourselves.

Don’t run our lives and make our decisions for us!

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