Saving Money with the Electronic Cigarette: Your Stories

Money, electronic cigarettes and beer.

E-Cigarette retailers often shout about the money people can save with the electronic cigarette, and we are no different. But it’s nice to hear from users for a change, which is why we held a survey recently into how much money people were saving. As we were asking for comments, I haven’t put all the results here (you can view those here) but I have picked out the most interesting (in my opinion – feel free to disagree!), which you can find below:

Please note, all comments were anonymous, although we have added date and time of the response.

How much money do you spend now on vaping, and how much money does it save you on an annual basis?

I’ll spend £44.95 per month on Vaping compared to £143.00 per month on conventional cigarettes. That would be a saving of £1,176.60 per year!!
4/12/11 6:05AM

less than £27 a month, I save nearly £2000 pounds annually
4/12/11 2:27AM

A cartridge usually lasts two days so that would equal two packs of cigarettes; that equals out to about £12 for cigarettes verse around £2 per cartridge!
4/11/11 8:32PM

about 1 pkt = £9 per week or £468 per year. cigarettes approx £2800 saving at least £2300
3/24/11 4:00AM

vaping would work out at approx £10 to £12 per week, based on the Cigarettes i smoked that would work out at around £3,600 per year – vaping would work out to £600 per year ( not including extra batteries etc ) therefore a saving of approx £3000.
3/23/11 8:31PM

What difference does it make to your lifestyle?

It’s incredible. I’m 50 and after more than 30 years of fags I knew that this habit was going to start causing me serious problems if I didn’t to something about it. The 600 yard walk to the bus stop felt like I’d just completed the half-marathon. After stopping smoking it only took a week to feel so much better with my breathing. Nowadays, a 2 mile round-trip walk to and from the supermarket is a total breeze – something I couldn’t even consider doing when smoking.
3/25/11 5:01PM

more money to pay off my mortgage, more money in my pocket
3/24/11 7:05AM

First thing we noticed was more cash to spend at the regular foods shops, and buying better quality items.. less coughing, and not out of breath as often as I used to be.
3/23/11 8:31PM

I feel free, I don’t feel like I don’t have control. I used to feel kind of ashamed because I had to have a pack at all times. If I didn’t I would panic and I felt stupid for allowing tobacco to rule my life, smell up my car and my home.

3/26/11 7:42AM

How do you feel about the money savings?

It’s amazing. I wonder how I afforded smoking to begin with.
4/15/11 4:13AM

I feel very pleased about the savings. I can now afford driving lessons.
4/12/11 6:05AM

It’s wonderful not to have budget daily and cringe everyday when you do!
4/11/11 8:32PM

After working for over 30 years for one company, I’m now unemployed after the company sadly went into administration and closed down after more than 80 years in business. Simply put, I doubt that I could even afford to smoke anymore, even if I wanted to, which I don’t, and every-time I go to the supermarket and pass the ciggy kiosk in the entrance, it’s a nice feeling to know that I am no longer giving the Government around 80% of the cost of a packet of fags in terms of taxation. If that’s not a incentive, I don’t know what is……
3/25/11 5:01PM

Any other comments/stories you would like to pass on?

When I started vaping, I took out $35 in $1 bills each week from the bank. I put $5 a day into a box. In a month I couldn’t believe the stack of cash in front of me. After switching to $5 bills since I was running out of room, I spent it all in December 2010 on Christmas presents for my family and friends. I felt amazing, and will never look back.
4/15/11 4:13AM

Many times i get the weirdest looks and I am asked to not smoke in a public place, but when i explain the product, most of the time i am told not to worry, and other times people still cannot understand that this is not tobacco. I’ve met plenty of people with the e-cig, especially some very pretty ladies (; Since I am a comical person, its a great ice breaker to meet people and to make them laugh real hard. (one person literally wet their pants) /-:
4/14/11 10:30PM

It’s great when friends come round to get comments such as: “ooh love the new incense your using” – and then replying that it’s actually a new e-juice! Have started jogging, and am much more physically active, sleep and eat better and have a much improved sex life!
3/28/11 9:00AM

One story that still raises a smile – I’m a big tea drinker and probably drink no more than one, maybe two cups of instant coffee a week. After four days of vaping – and four days off the fags, I decided to make myself a mug of coffee. Kettle boiled and I poured in the hot water but I remembered than I needed to go upstairs and change over my e-cig batteries on the chargers. After spending a couple of minutes upstairs I made my way towards to stairs to go back down and I noticed a terrible burning smell coming from below. I made my way downstairs into the lounge and the smell became even stronger as I approached the kitchen. That foul odour which I’d picked-up upstairs was nothing more than that coffee I’d made slightly earlier. This proved to me that I was starting to get my sense of smell back – amazing.
3/25/11 5:01PM

being diagnosed with COPD I now seem to be able to breathe easier and can walk further and hills aren’t so threatening any more. If this continues I may re-discover the word ‘run’…and not use my stick for long walks.
3/23/11 8:31PM

For me the most important benefit of vaping is the improvement in my health, which almost a year ago was very poor and gave both me and my GP a lot of concern.


Congratulations to John (Tractor50!) who wins a HALO electronic cigarette – I’ll be contacting your shortly to get your address! And thank you to everyone who submitted your comments and stories, which I found fascinating!

How much have you saved by switching to the electronic cigarette?

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6 thoughts on “Saving Money with the Electronic Cigarette: Your Stories

  1. Just thought i would add a very positive comment having read how using these ecigs has improved another users lifestyle and especially his breathing,, .
    I have been using the Njoy duo for a little over a week and i am also amazed at the difference it has made to me,, my breathing is greatly improved, the “smokers cough” has almost gone, and i feel revitalised,, in short, the best decision i think i ever made,, thankyou

  2. I’m delighted to have won the HALO e-cig, which I look forward to receiving and I enjoyed reading the thoughts and comments from other people. I must apologise though for my ‘typos’ in some of my entries – it proves the fact that the fingers do work faster than the brain…..

    Vaping has been nothing short of a revelation. No longer am I gasping for air after spending just two minutes mowing the lawn, no longer is my chest rattling away when lying down – it’s quite amazing how quickly the body can begin to repair itself, even after years of ciggy abuse……

    I look at the e-cig as another way of getting nicotine but without the carbon monoxide, tar, formaldehyde and God knows what else there is in a lighted cigarette. A friend of mine who drinks coffee like there is no tomorrow asked me recently as to when I was giving up the e-cig now that I’d managed to stop smoking. My reply was something along the lines of “the day you go de-caf”….

    Once I’d explained that nicotine was not the ‘bad boy’ in cigarettes although I confessed that it is highly addictive, and the fact that nicotine and caffeine are quite closely related as they are both stimulants, he understood where I was coming from.

    I’ve managed to convert my Brother to e-cigs, which I’m so pleased about. I’m still working on my smoking friends – some of whom have bought kits so that’s at least a start. My Brother’s mother-in-law, well, we’ve almost given up on convincing her to at least try an e-cig. At least my Brother and I can happily vape away inside our non-smoking relative’s houses without question whilst she has to go outside in all weathers – and clean up the mess afterwards (ash, fag-end, yuck !!)

    My argument is “what are smokers afraid of?” Let’s look at some of the advantages…
    1. They’d still be getting their nicotine.
    2. They can vape as and when required – rather than having to finish-off a ciggy once it’s lit.
    3. They will feel much better in time.
    4. They get to try some wonderful flavours – smoking was never this much fun…..
    5. After a small setup charge, they would save a fortune.
    6. The senses of taste and smell would return quicker than they realise
    7. No more stinky ash-trays, house, clothes, skin etc etc

    The £10 packet of fags is not too far away…….

    Anyway, thanks again for the forthcoming HALO, it really is much appreciated and I’m sure that it will be superb.


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