Get a free website to retail the e-cigarette, make money and save lives

I don’t write about it often on this blog, but we run an electronic cigarette affiliate program with a host of benefits for affiliates.

I’m always trying to improve what we can offer affiliates. I have been earning money myself as an affiliate for years, and it’s always been a nice top up on my income. (One program is paying for my holiday to Spain and Portugal next week 🙂 ) So I hope I have some idea of what you, as an affiliate, might want.

The latest benefit is a free website for affiliates. The website has actually been built and designed by one of our affiliates, Mark, and it’s been in action before being released. Mark’s also offering a hosting, installation, customisation and domain package for ÂŁ50.

I was only going to add a screenshot here, but one of our affiliates has set up the website already (nice going – I only sent the link out ago a couple of hours ago!), which you can see here:  OobyDoo (page since removed)!

To get the website, you will need to join our affiliate program. You’ll then get:

  • life time payments for each user you refer
  • 10% commissions and 20% tier commissions
  • a ÂŁ25 sign up bonus
  • the knowledge that you’re promoting a product which can help save lives 🙂

Click here to get started!

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One thought on “Get a free website to retail the e-cigarette, make money and save lives

  1. Great idea guys, I’ve been giving Ecigs to all my tobacco slave friends.. Everytime I vape in public I get people wanting to know more and try it. So many people have no idea about them and the market is still in its early stages. I will sign up as I’ve started blogs and other sites that can help your efforts. Keep up the great work

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