Latest e-cigarette user pictures

Thanks to Pat Nimmo and to Patrick for sending us these pictures of them using e-cigarettes!

Here’s Pat first, in his garden with an e-cigarette!

Pat vapes an electronic cigarette in his garden.

Pat told us:

had a craving for a cig this morning, 2 mins on my halo and the craving has gone, brilliant, should have bought one ages ago very happy with the product, have recommended this to my friends

Pat Nimmo

Thanks also to Patrick, one of our French customers, who sent us this picture:

Patrick with an e cigarette direct electronic cigarette. Along with the message:

Hi !

I’ve only just recently got my E-cig, but I can already feel the changes ! No more smoking outside when it’s freezing cold, no more ash-trays to empty, and no more toxic regular cigarettes ! This is the best present I’ve bought myself in years !

Patrick, from France

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