Smokers, E-Cigs are safer but we would rather you die than switch

There’s another story from New Zealand about the safety of electronic cigarettes, with the Health Ministry stating that the devices are far safer than regular cigarettes.


So that’s it, they are going to be made legal.

Oh no! You see, that makes smokers seem normal:

NewLet’s summarise. Electronic cigarettes are vastly safer than cigarettes but New Zealand would rather smokers who can’t or don’t want to quit die.

And their reasoning? E-cigs look like something which are bad for you.

So ecigarettes seem likely to remain unavailable, allowing the government to continue with a campaign of hate that encourages prejudice against a section of society which is already penalised with excessive predatory taxation.

Also see our interview with NZ scientist Murray Laugeson.

7 thoughts on “Smokers, E-Cigs are safer but we would rather you die than switch

  1. What a strange sense of logic these people have, if it can even be called that. You’d think the focus would be on harm-reduction, not aesthetics.

  2. Yes, you’d think the priority would be on saving lives rather than perpetuating discrimination and removing personal choice!

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