The New HALO E Cigarette: Video

New from ECigaretteDirect – Mike introduces the HALO e-cigarette kit.

The Halo E-Cigarette is a cigalike kit. Cigalikes are designed to look, taste and feel like a cigarette.

While they have been overtaken in popularity by more advanced tank and mod kits, the technology being a Halo cigalike has continued to improve. As a result, many smokers continue to use cigalikes because of their simplicity, ease of use and resemblance to a cigarette.Cigalike Kit

Using a tank kit involves both refilling the tank and replacing the atomiser on a regular basis. With cigalikes, you simply lift to your mouth, inhale and enjoy.

In the kit you’ll find two batteries and 5 cartomisers, with a simple USB Charger.

Why not check out the HALO e-cigarette for yourself?

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