Vapers and switchers, share your stories to save lives

Professor Brad Rodu, author of For Smoker's Only.
Professor Brad Rodu is calling for switchers to share their stories.

Have you switched from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes or smokeless tobacco?

If so, you can help Professor Brad Rodu, an author, a scientist and an expert in tobacco harm reduction, by sharing your story with him.

Your story could help other smokers to find alternatives to tobacco cigarettes.

Your story could even save a smoker’s life.

For other stories, or to help out, read Switchers, Profiles of Pioneers.


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3 thoughts on “Vapers and switchers, share your stories to save lives

  1. Hi As a life long smoker It is with great pleasure that I have taken up vaping and let me say that anything is better than tobacco cigarettes. The tobacco industry has had so many opportunities to make a better product but have failed to come up with anything that is vaguely healthy. Short story. When they flew to the moon, I would say to my friends surely now they can make a fag that would be harmless OH no. Well my Halo ecigs are the way to go and at $3.00 packet AU great value

  2. I was a smoker for about 40+ years. Despite the health warnings and unpleasantness of cigarettes, I couldn’t, maybe wouldn’t quit. I tried the gums, pat he’s and drugs and nothing worked for me. Going cold turkey turned me into a cross between a drug addict and a psychopath. Came across an ecig kiosk in the mall, tried one, and never looked back. Best thing in the world that I ever did. I now feel so much healthier. I can pick up and kiss my little grandson without smelling like an ashtray. Anyone who may be curious about them, I say give it a try. You won’t regret it.

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