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Scientific opinion maintains that e-cigarettes have in the region of 1% or less the risk of tobacco cigarettes.

Yet vaping threatens huge financial interests.

  • tobacco
  • pharmaceutical (via the supply of nicotine cessation aids)
  • the anti-smoking lobby (funded by the big pharm payments)
  • government via smokers taxes and, in the US, special payments from tobacco companies

Given these interests it’s perhaps not suprising that there is a powerful lobby which aims to either ban vaping or to stifle it through restrictive legislation.

In the UK, at the moment, the government seems supportive of vaping. Not so long ago, though, the vaping community was fighting against a ban – and was only saved by the election.

In the US the climate is less supportive. Althought courts have thrice rejected an FDA effort to effectively ban e-cigarettes, regulations both state and nation wide could see usage stopped or greatly restricted.

In the US there’s a White House petition to sign electronic cigarettes.

If you’re American and a vaper, or someone’s who’s seen the difference vaping can make to a smoker, please sign the petition.

If you’re not, please share the petition to help it reach as many people as you can.

Click here to view or to sign the petition.

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