7 UK Celebrities Who Use Electronic Cigarettes

Here is the long belated follow up to 10 Celebrities who Vape. This time we have focussed on UK celebrity vapers, and once again I’d be grateful to anyone who could add to this list and/or suggest photos of the celebrities vaping which we can reuse or link to.

1. Jimmy White

The pro-snooker player now regularly vapes at contests!

Jimmy White.

Here’s a before and after picture:

White with cigarette - and with e-cig.

Source: Dick Puddlecote

2. Alan Titmarsh

Alan celebrated the 400th episode of his show by vaping on air – and handing out e-cigs to guests.

Alan Titmarsh

Update: It’s been pointed out in the facebook comments below that Alan is not a regular user, and the e-cig was on his show only for promotional purposes.

3. Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton has been spotted out and about in LA with an e-cigarette.


Paris Hilton Source: V2Cigs Blog

4. Matt Cardle

Matt Cardle has been spotted vaping while leaving the x-factor studios.

Matt Cardle: X-Factor WinnerImage by fluterirl.

Here’s an image of Matt Cardle vaping.

5. Kate Moss

Despite being photographed on the cat walk smoking cigarettes, Kate Moss appears to have switched to the electronic cigarette.

Kate Moss

This is the picture which some bloggers say gave us the clue – although it remains to be explained why she has two on the go!
Kate Moss vaping. 6. Catherine Zeta Jones

According to Okay Magazine, the actress is trying electronic cigarettes after getting hassle for smoking while her husband was struggling with throat cancer.

Catherine Zeta Jones in Cannes

Source: Wikipedia

7. Dot Cotton

East Enders star Dot Cotton (real name June Brown) is a dual user – using e-cigarettes in places she is not allowed to smoke the cigarettes she loves.

Dot Cotton

Over to you!

Can you think of some more UK celebs who vape? If so, please leave their names in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “7 UK Celebrities Who Use Electronic Cigarettes

  1. Awesome list. Didn’t know Paris and Catherine smoke…Gorgeous women, by the way, hehe. Hopefully as satisfied vapers they can help spread the word.

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