Refillable Electronic Cigarettes: Your FREE User Guide

When we released some videos of our new refillable e-cigarette (The Smoker’s Halo Tank) the other day, several people wanted more detailed instructions on how it could be filled.

It’s handy that they (you?) asked that, as we had been working on (drumroll) this:


Why should you download it?

Now, I realise that a lot of you people who read this blog are experienced vapers who could fill an e-cigarette blindfolded, upside down and with both arms handcuffed behind their back – but if you are not in that category you should read our e-book because:

  • it is superbly written by expert e-cig user, e-cig reviewer and e-cig blogger Steve Kyworuka of Steve’s Vaping World
  • it is accompanied by informative illustrations
  • you have the option of downloading the book (and sharing on your website or blog) or reading it online
  • it has concise, no-nonsense writing – no hours of wading through nonsense or sales pitches
  • you have the option to read with or without accompanying music
  • it has an awesome design and cool page turning special effects
  • it is relevant to all refillable electronic cigarettes, not just our tank system
  • it is freeeee!

How do you get hold of it?

Easy – when you sign up to our newsletter (hint – the sign up form is on the sidebar!), you’ll automatically get a link to the download in your welcome email. If you are already signed up to our newsletter, don’t worry – we’ll send you a link shortly.

Don’t worry, you can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time with a single click (ha – as if you’d want to!) and we never, ever share email addresses.

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4 thoughts on “Refillable Electronic Cigarettes: Your FREE User Guide

  1. Help required: Do I have to unsubscribe and then subscribe again to get this refillable cig user guide? I need it as I’ve just swapped to the Halo Super Tank! Thanks:)

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