Why Smokers Switched to E-Cigarettes: Users Speak

This is our promised follow up post to Why we switched to e-cigarettes – what users said!

In case you missed it, we surveyed 140 e-cigarette users on this blog, on google plus and on our facebook page to find why they switched to e-cigarettes.

The results? Comments from vapers speaking from their hearts about why they switched from tobacco to electronic cigarettes.

Here’s what they said:

Enjoying an e-cigarette.
Thanks to Martin Simpson for this image of him enjoying his e-cigarette.

Richard: No coughing my lungs up!

FOR HEALTH BUT ALSO A COMBO OF REASONS! After thirty years of smelling like a ash tray and being made to feel like I was something that crawled out of the gutter when out in public with my roll-ups, also the health side of it being out of breath etc I decided I had to give up or do something as my dentist had also been banging on at me due to poor gum health.

After doing lots of research I came across something i had never heard of before, the E-cig, after much web trawling I opted to buy the Halo starter kit, after two days my Halo starter kit arrived on my doorstep and after the initial charge that was me a non stinky smoker and I have not had a roll-up since and my health has greatly improved, no coughing my lungs up, no out of breath, better sense of smell and taste, no stinking like a dam ash tray, no yellow teeth.

Eve Orchard: I actually prefer e-cigs.

My daughter was using a sleek black e-cig and I liked the look of it. Simple as that. I never intended, or thought about giving up smoking, but I rather liked the look of the black e-cig. So, I bought one – that was on 19/05/2011 and I haven’t smoked a cigarette since. I actually prefer e-cigs. I no longer smell like an ash-tray. My house smells fresh (1st time in 30 years) And – I can e-puff whilst reading a book in bed.

From a Health & Safety aspect – I’m now not likely to burn down my house when fags drop down the side of the sofa. Two more bonuses of the e-cig: 1. My breath does not stink. 2. My tongue has returned to a natural pink colour (as opposed to smoker’s brown).

My Verdict – – – Best invention since the wheel.

Scott Campbell: E-cigs are the greatest invention of the 21st century!

I quit tobacco cigs in April ’09 when the price in California doubled over-night due to increased taxes. It was really a struggle because I really like smoking. After a month of cold-turkey I was miserable and gaining weight. Then I saw a story about e-cigs on the news and decided to check them out. There is a real cost savings. My pack a day habit would be costing me over $150.00 a month. E-cigs cost me about $400.00 a year now that I’ve figured out how to make the atomizers last for about 4 months and purchase e-juice in bulk. I no longer have the “smoker’s hack” – I lost that after about three months. I dropped the weight I gained as fast as I put it on without changing my eating habits. I’m also happy to report that I haven’t been sick – not even a cold – since I started vaping. E-cigs are the greatest invention of the 21st century!

Chris Birks: It has given me my life back!

Three years ago I was told my 40 plus years smoking habit was killing me. That was after my SEVENTH heart attack! I was told in no uncertain terms that if I carried on I would die.

I tried every type of NRT that the NHS prescribed for me, but after more than three months, the craving was driving me crazy. That was when I discovered ECigs while surfing the net. I have vaped ever since.

My blood pressure and heart rate are now normal for the first time in many years. My lung capacity and function have improved immensely. I don’t cough any more, I don’t smell any more. I can vape in the presence of my grandkids and I am loving life.

Vaping is much more than a replacement for smoking, it has become a hobby. Experimenting with the multitude of flavours is fantastic! I’m like a kid on Christmas morning when the postman delivers a new flavour to me.

I am so grateful for the Electronic Cigarette, it has given me my life back!

Patricia Clewell: I genuinely prefer vaping to smoking.

I quit for health reasons. After smoking for more than 30 years, I was feeling the effects (e.g., I couldn’t take a deep breath without my chest rattling).

I feel a lot better since switching to e-cigarettes, and I also quickly found that I genuinely prefer vaping to smoking. To me, it’s more pleasurable. That doesn’t mean I think it will or should be the same for all smokers, and I don’t advocate pressuring smokers to switch. I’m all about informed choice, but people can’t very well make an informed choice without having all the information.

As we all know, the last thing the antis want is for people to have all the information. It wasn’t until I became politically involved in vaping issues that I learned how much the antis lie–that they exaggerate the health effects of smoking, have made up the health effects of secondhand smoke, lie about smokeless tobacco and e-cigarettes, and so on. It’s despicable.

The education was a process, though. Most vapers I know are so delighted to have discovered e-cigarettes that we all start out sounding like zealots. It takes time and effort to uncover the truth about all of it. Some don’t bother, which is a shame, but many have, and are rightly outraged.

Smokers, vapers, snusers … we all have a common enemy that makes no distinction about how we obtain our nicotine. We’re all the same to them, which is to say pathetic nicotine addicts who are unable to think for ourselves. In my view, we’d all do well to advocate for the simple truth.

And I’m sure the antis are delighted every time they see vapers and smokers criticizing each other. Divide and conquer: very effective….

Facebook grab.
Comments were left on this blog, on google plus and on our facebook page.

Sam Munro: Love gadgets

I started vaping mainly because of my love of gadgets

Jay DeLuco: To Save Money

My Wife and I primarily quit to save money. All the other benefits were very much unexpected.

Dave Anderson: To Live Longer

Because I decided I’d prefer to get old before I die.

Julie Woessner: It was all about the health

For me, it was all about the health. And it’s paid off in spades.

A 30+ year smoker, I had tried many, many times to quit, never with any long-term success. I finally gave up on quitting and resigned myself to the certain knowledge that I couldn’t quit.

But I was feeling the effects of smoking, and every attempt I made to try to at least cut back wound up with me smoking more than ever. I decided to try an e-cigarette in hopes that it would help me reduce my smoking. Frankly, at 2+ packs a day, I was hoping that e-cigarettes would help me get down into the 1-pack-a-day range.

I was shocked that within days, I had COMPLETELY replaced smoking with vaping. That was nearly 3 years ago. ♥

For me, it was all about the health. And it’s paid off in spades. I can take deep breaths without pain, I no longer cough up a lung each morning, and my lung capacity has markedly improved.

A pleasant side benefit is that I’m saving money and can vape in places where I wasn’t allowed to smoke . . . but that’s just icing on the cake. Like I said, it’s all about the health . . . well, that and vaping is just plain enjoyable.

Jane Cardwell Perry: I feel so much better!

I started using e-cigs about a year ago for health reasons and have never looked back!! I feel so much better and don’t smell like a old ash tray anymore. I could get through 40 fags a day and it scared me.

Alison Cameron: I initially started using e-cigarettes to save money

I initially started using e-cigarettes to save money but once I started researching the product I realised that they are far healthier than ordinary cigarettes. I have smoked for 40 years and have tried on many occasions to quit but with no success. I have only been using them for six weeks but have managed immediately to cut back from 20 a day to 2 a day without any problem what so ever. The bonus is no longer smelling of stale smoke!!

Lisa Belle: Within a few weeks of vaping, I lost all my enjoyment of smoking.

I smoked for 40 years and in the past two years I have been vaping. Learning as much as I can about e-cigarettes as I go along. Within a few weeks of vaping, I lost all my enjoyment of smoking and I started to dislike the taste, smell and feeling of smoking. I am vaping because I know that the quality of my life is at stake. My Mother and Father died in poor health, related to smoking. I am cutting my nicotine down gradually even so, I might still want to vape, to hold and use the e-cigarette as a pacifier I am attached to the hand and mouth thing. Also, I feel like rebellion is a part of it! I do not like the shame and blame that smoking brought my way and now vaping attracts the same. It gives me a sense of independence and it proves that opinions and negativity towards nicotine addiction is what needs to change. The right to live in peace and to know that I am not hurting my own health or others, I felt ashamed and lowly from smoking, I feel courageous about e-cigarettes!

Rebecca Thomas: I’d tried nicorette inhalators, but it’s like smoking a tampax holder!!!

I’ve been advised to give up smoking for health reason time and time again, but everytime have failed. The patches helped, but just aren’t like smoking – the hand to mouth part that I miss the most 🙁 I’d tried nicorette inhalators, but it’s like smoking a tampax holder!!! Money has also recently become an issue with the huge rise in cigarette prices. I’ve been vaping since 12th August 2011 now and I LOVE IT! I now consider myself a non-smoker and haven’t even been tempted – in fact I hate the smell of real cigs! As far as I am concerned the UK ban actually made me smoke more because I was angry about being dictated upon by the government.

Annette Potter: I’d been looking to stop smoking for years

I’d been looking to stop smoking for years I tried every product on the market and failed, this is true my cat every time I went to light a cigarette she would follow me to the garden (as that’s where i was banished when i wanted a ciggie by the hubbie) and howl the place down till I put it out. I guess she was trying to tell me something. Now been vaping for 9 weeks I have a happy cat a happy hubbie and best of all no horrid smell and a whole lot healthier 🙂

Mike Barfoot Imfc: I switched mainly for health reasons.

I switched mainly for health reasons but also because of the increasing cost of baccy. I’ll be honest and say that I enjoy smoking, but knew I needed to stop. So after finding out about the ecig I did some research and checked out a few suppliers and went with the Halo kit, and I’m glad I did! People say my skin looks healthier, my kids tell me I don’t stink anymore when I come home, I don’t nearly kill myself coughing in the morning either. Vaping all the way for me now! 🙂

Chelle Killilea: Switched to vaping for health reasons.

I quit smoking & switched to vaping for health reasons after my cardiologist discovered that I have an main pulmonary artery aneursym above already bad pulmonic valve (pulonary stenosis). I talked with both my cardiologist & neurologist (I had also had several TIA’s at that point) about what my best option to quit would be since due to my heart problem, medication was out of the question & I had never had success with patches, gum, or any other over the counter product. They both suggested I research electronic cigarettes & give them a try. I did and that was almost 3 years. ago. I also have asthma & my lung capacity has doubled since switching from smoking to vaping.

Janet Andersen: I simply LIKE e-cigs better than combustible tobacco.

I never wanted to quit. I tried e-cigs just because I love little gizmos. I simply LIKE e-cigs better than combustible tobacco. It’s probably the first time in my life I actually liked the healthier choice! LOL!

A nurse with an electronic cigarette.
One of our customers with her electronic cigarette.

Simon Price: I’m in it for the health mainly but also the cost.

I’m in it for the health mainly but also the cost. Fed up with stinking of smoke too and it’s great being able to virtually smoke anywhere!!!

Jeanette Swannie: Cost, health, teeth discolouring and smelling of cigs.

Combination of reasons, cost, health, teeth discolouring and smelling of cigs, to be honest I was very skeptical at first. So the first couple of days is getting used to the weight and the solid filter, but on week 3 now and sometimes go a couple of days without vaping, hate walking past someone who is smoking now, cannot belive I loved the smell, now hate it, teeth are nearly white, gums very nice healthy pink, but mouth feels so much better, not slimey.

Thad Marney: I was first interested in them just as a gadget!

I was first interested in them just as a gadget, but I did not decide to switch until my daughter said, “Daddy, isn’t that ‘pretend cigarette’ supposed to be better for you? You should use that instead.” After a few days of rarely smoking, my senses of taste and smell improved and I found that I didn’t really like the taste of burning tobacco leaves until I couldn’t remember when I last smoked. Just to have a date to remember, I smoked one cigarette on New Years Eve and haven’t since 1/1/10

Chris Bjarkman: Saw the effects of cigarettes on a day to day basis.

I have worked in the fire/EMS field for 25 years and saw the effects of cigarettes on a day to day basis, yet I still continued to smoke up 2 packs of m/reds everyday. The transition to vaping was painless for me and have off analogs for over 2 1/2 years now and feel much better for it. The fact that even with my excessive buying of devices and juices I still spend significantly less on vaping than I did on analogs 🙂

Benjamin Grant: I simply no longer WANT cigarettes anymore

When I started vaping I wasn’t planning on quitting analogs, it just sort of happened. Vaping rapidly started to replace traditional cigarettes in my life. Cleaner, more enjoyable, and the less I smoked the better I started to feel. It all just sort of snowballed. I simply no longer WANT cigarettes anymore, what I have now is just so much vastly superior to weeds, wrapped in paper, on fire, in my mouth! How barbaric! This IS after all the 21st Century. If I can’t have my flying car, this will damn well do!

Max C. Wood Jr: Doctor said quit smoking or die!

For my health! Doctor said quit smoking or die! Tried An E-cig, haven’t touched an analog since! My Bloodpressure is down, my lungs are clear, I can breath again! I now have more energy, more stamina & feel better than I have in years! My Doctor is very impressed! He said he would have to look into Electronic cigarettes and see about reccomending them to others to help them!

Jimmy Southern: I quit for the sake of my kids

Well truth be told i didn’t really want to quit the evil tobacco, I quite enjoyed it, but I quit for the sake of my kids plus what ended up really making me switch was the smell of ashtray when I woke every morning. It IS the worst smell there is to wake to and when I’d been out in the fresh air n then come home opened my door and what hit me? The stale stink of cigarettes – it was terrible ! I used to smoke near on 100 roll ups a day so you can imagine my house didn’t smell too pleasant and my kids cloths always stunk of smoke … but now I’ve made the switch I come home to a nice smelling place. My kids don’t smell as though they smoke and the best part of it all I’M NO LONGER SLOWLY KILLING MY CHILDREN!!

Jeremy Weddell: Health

For my heath. I’m a diabetic so smoking is not an option for me anymore. I’ve already moved to the low nicotine menthol, and plan to go to zero nicotine in the very near future..as in my next juice order.

Curtis Duston Hall: Health

I switched for my health and the health of those around me… and of coarse it’s far less expensive than actual tobacco….

Jan Johnson: I didn’t enjoy my tax dollars going to support “charities”

I switched because of political reasons and by that I don’t mean I switched to be politically correct. I switched because I didn’t enjoy my tax dollars going to support “charities” that persecuted smokers. At least with vaping I had some hope that if I became self sufficient enough I could starve them of my cash and the political landscape we see of persecution would begin to come to an end. This makes me an odd person in a sense I guess because I don’t believe that second hand smoke is anything more than a known irritant.

Mike Rector: Health

After a visit to the hospital to visit my older brother who had heart surgery due into the most part from smoking, and I knew I would be next if I didn’t quit,it’s been 2 years know since my last analog cigarette…..Health

Karen Carey: I started vaping simply to save money.

Cigarettes were part of my life. I started smoking when I was barely 13, and had tried every conceivable way to quit. Hypnotism, the patch, gum, Chantix. Regardless of the method, I still wanted to SMOKE. My most recent attempt ended abruptly on December 13, 2005. I had been using the patch for over a month, and was feeling pretty confident that this time, it would work. It really might have, had it not been for a truck that crossed into oncoming traffic that morning. It hit my aunt and uncle’s Jeep head on, as they were traveling to the funeral of another family member. While I was attending the funeral that morning, I remember looking around and thought it was strange that my aunt and uncle weren’t there, they always attended every family function. I quickly left after the service to head to an appointment. As I was leaving the church parking lot, I heard a traffic notice on the radio to avoid Wilbraham Road, traffic was backed up due to an accident that involved a fatality. I didn’t travel on that road, but the radio station had gotten the name of the street wrong, the accident was actually located on Boston Road in Wilbraham. As I drove past the mangled mess I could clearly see a person whose lifeless body had not yet been removed. My first thought was that this woman had probably been out Christmas shopping, and now her family would have to deal with this. My second thought was that the rest of my family members would be heading the same way, so I called my sister-in-law, and told her to avoid the road because of the accident, and to let everyone at the funeral know. I continued to head to my appointment. When I was leaving that appointment about an hour later, my sister-in-law called me to ask what kind of vehicle was in the accident. At that moment it dawned on me, that poor woman was my aunt. Our family gathered at the emergency room. My uncle died a few hours later as I held his hand. I headed outside, tore the patch off my arm and lit up a cigarette. From that point on, there was no quitting for me. Just the thought of quitting brought back the memories of that horrific day.

Last summer we were getting ready to send my daughter off to college. I was paying over $8 a pack, and smoking over a pack a day. I knew quitting wasn’t an option, so when I learned that an electronic cigarette store was opening in my town, I stopped in and bought a kit. I haven’t looked back. The monthly savings paid for Droid cell phones and covers the data plan for me, my husband, daughter and son. I started vaping simply to save money. Getting back my senses of smell and taste, feeling better than I have in years, not having had any colds or flu this past year are all benefits that I wasn’t even planning on. I still cringe whenever I see a truck on the road like the one that killed my aunt and uncle, but I just vape and it’s ok.

Hair Ball: I knew if I didn’t at least try I would be dead at an early age

At the rate I smoked, 4 PAD, I knew if I didn’t at least try I would be dead at an early age. I’m glad I took the plunge and tried the ecig. Best damn invention since sliced bread. I have my health back and tons of energy.

Sue Fletton-Dean: I switched purely and simply because I like them

I tried an e-cig out of curiosity and soon found that I preferred them to the real ones – I hadn’t intended on switching – it just happened. I really love the fact they’re more convenient, less messy (no ash dropping all over the place and no more inadvertent burn holes in my clothes lol), they offer the option to enjoy a massive variety of flavours PLUS they provide everything I enjoyed about smoking, without the smoke…. so I guess I have to say I switched purely and simply because I like them lol 🙂

Darrin Pup Gold: I couldn’t breath

I was a smoker for 27 years. Switched from non-filters to filters to lights then ultra lights then all natural ultra lights. I tried the gum, patch and lozenges during those years. All failed. One day I was walking up one flight of stairs to the second floor of my Condo and when I got to the top, I couldn’t breath. I knew it was time to find something that worked. I saw a disposable ecig at 7-11 and tried it. I went 2 days right from that moment without a cigarette. IT WORKED!!! I have been in love with e-cigs since. That was December 17, 2010.

David Dom: The Ban

The reason I first TRIED an e-cig was because of the ban. The reason(s) I use e-cigs exclusively since then is because I prefer them to tobacco anyway and also for all of the reasons in the poll… Health and quitting were never a thought, and quitting still isn’t.

Jackie Plage: Health Reasons

Nothing to do with the ban for me, I switched for health reasons. Though I feel I should mention that I didn’t really expect ecigs to be all that great, so it was at least half an accidental switch. 🙂

Lee Mitchell – I tried them firstly because my brother had switched to them. I am still on them now because I like them better than I did cigs.

Dave Tacitus: Totally On a Whim

It was totally on a whim for me – I walked down to the living room one morning, spied my half empty pack of B&H and thought “I wonder what those electronic cigarettes are like?”.

That was getting on for half a year ago and I’ve not had a tobacco cigarette since. 😉

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