Why we switched to electronic cigarettes #1: What you said

Last week dozens of e-cigarette users told us why they switched to e-cigarette in our facebook poll, on this blog and on Google plus.

When we finished the poll, I put all my favourite comments in a single document, and did a word count. It came to 4,800 words – too much for a single blog post. So this is going to be one of a series of posts, recording your thoughts and reasons for switching from cigarettes to e-cigarettes.

Why People Switched: The Stats

The final results were combined from two polls we held and from comments on the blog post. If people commented on the facebook comments or our facebook page, I assumed they had already voted.

Here are the results:

Because of the smoking ban: 14
To save money: 17
For health: 77
Because you like e-cigarettes: 7
Other: 30

Or, if you prefer visual information:

Table showing why people switch to e-cigarettes.

In percentages:

Pie-chart showing what people said,

(These images are licensed for use with attribution with a live link, like other charts we have produced, so please feel free to re-use them.)

Even allowing for a large margin of error due to the small sample size, it seems clear that health is the primary reason for switching to e-cigarettes.

What You Said

Blowing a vapour ring.
Nichel blowing a vapour ring from a smoker’s halo e-cigarette.

Lorna McNarry: Taste back and I’m finding it easier to breathe!

It’s been 11 weeks since my last ciggy!!! August 31st was the day my vape kit arrived and I haven’t looked back. I swapped to the e-cig because I didn’t enjoy smoking anymore but I didn’t want to quit. I couldn’t stand the smell or taste and the cost of fags was ever increasing! I smoked out of habit and needed something that was safe and great to use that felt like I was still smoking! Enter my vape kit. It’s amazing. I’ve got my taste back and I’m finding it easier to breathe when exercising. I also don’t stink like a dirty ashtray and I’m obviously now not inhaling 4000+ poisons every time I need a nicotine kick. Im also saving up the money I would have spent on cigarettes for a fantastic family christmas! It’s amazing how quickly it adds up! This is the best (and easiest) decision I have ever made!!! It’s changed my life and for that I thank you all x

Vaping Mandycat: I can say electronic cigarettes saved my life

I came home after a visit from my pulmonoligist and after hearing him say I had the start of COPD, I got scared at age 32, and also after losing my mother to lung cancer , I decided to look up electronic cigarettes, I had heard something about them in a comercial somewhere. I found direct ecig, free trial so I jumped on it. after the first month I started noticing changes in my breathing for the better, so I did lots more research and I can say electronic cigarettes saved my life, or at least lengthened it , been analog cigarette free now for 10mths.

BK Ainsworth: I switched to e cigarettes to save my life

I switched to e cigarettes to save my life 3 1/2 years ago, doctor would not believe it was my heart not copd, I stayed with them because I just liked them. I have a rare auto-immune disorder that destroys my artery’s. Could walk 2 miles or ride my bike 5 and not get out of breath except when had an attack where I could not breathe. I really use them because I like them and they are fun. By they way the stupid doctor liked the e-cigarette. Fired all my doctors and founds some new ones. They all like the e-cigarette too.

Liz Mills: I am in control now not the cigarette!

I switched 4 months ago had smoked from 15 (now 50) but tried everything on market to no avail. My big problems were lighting up when driving, on the phone and in company but I haven’t missed them one bit. My husband still smokes which doesn’t bother me one bit and I smoked about 30 a day. I also love the different flavour e-juices and I don’t miss driving to nearest petrol station late at night having run out. I am in control now not the cigarette!

Peter G Lesperance: I had gotten scared of death and dying in a horrible fashion
The ban had no effect on my switching to e-cigs the main reason is I have gotten scared of death and dying in a horrible fashion as such like cigarette diseases and such. The second reason is money. The price, the cost of cigarettes was choking my funds to the point where I would have to use food banks and now I do not have to do that.The ban has never had even a glimpse in my decision to swap to e-cigs – the fact that I want o live as long as possible now and cost are my reasons.

Third I guess was for my father he cried the day he found out I started smoking and I have wanted to quit and I have tried every remedy on the market. Then the e-cig came along – the best invention of the century I call it and now I have not had a cigarette in 6 months I feel great and my family is very proud of me personally.

Well done to Jane Cardwell Perry (selected using a random name selector) who won the prize, and thanks to all of you who left comments – we’ll be publishing more of them shortly!

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12 thoughts on “Why we switched to electronic cigarettes #1: What you said”

  1. Very nice and informative poll, I must say. I too like the majority of users that made the switch moved to electronic cigarettes for health reasons. I found myself stumbling to catch my breath and it got to the point where I felt ashamed that my kids were also having to deal with my bad smell, just because I had a habit.

    As a smoker, sometimes you ignore the fact that you’re not only killing yourself, but others around you as well. Once smokers realize this and start to see health moving in a downward spiral, it becomes easier to move to the electronic cigarette.

  2. To be fair, I think the evidence for second hand smoke is very weak. Richard Doll, who discovered the link between smoking and lung cancer, said:

    “The effect of other people smoking in my presence is so small it doesn’t worry me.”

    Basically, anti-smoking activists have taken the studies which suggest a link between SHS and lung cancer and ignored the studies which showed no link, or a negative link (which suggests most of the studies had too small a base to carry any significance). The largest study of all found no link between SHS and lung cancer.

  3. Yup, health reasons here too. My lung capacity was decreasing and I’d started getting a horrible cough and wheezed a lot in the mornings. That disappeared within days of switching exclusively to e-cigarettes. And even if the second-hand smoke thing isn’t true (which I doubt, personally) I feel much happier not having to even consider it as an issue. It’s also nicer not to smell like an ashtray.

    As a smoker I often had people make comments if I smoked in the street and I’d always feel bad for polluting the air around others (even if just with that smell). My only negative experience with vaping was one stupid woman who made an exaggerated choking noise as she passed me in the street. Instead of feeling awful, I turned round and asked her if she was OK. She said she couldn’t bear to have her lungs polluted by my smoke and that it was making her feel ill. I showed her my e-cigarette and suggested that any health issues might be mental rather than physical, since there was no output from my e-cigarette other than vapour! She felt embarrassed and I’m ashamed to say I felt smug.

    So put me down for health benefits *and* increased smugness. ;0)

  4. I don’t blame you for feeling smug! But it’s brilliant you felt the health benefits so quickly.

    Interesting what you say about the women feeling bad because of psychological reasons! Did you know there was an allergy to perfume in the US that was entirely psychological – people only developed the allergy when they had heard of other people getting it!

  5. @James I didn’t know that but will now go and find out about it since the human brain fascinates me – in a totally non-creepy kind of a way. Thanks for that. :0)

  6. I had been wanting to stop smoking for a few years – for my Health, Money, and to get rid of the stench. I had been hearing about e-cigs and my interest was rising. When I found the Electronic Cigarette Forum (ECF), that pretty much sealed the deal. I did research for a week, bought an eGo, and a month later I was smokeless.

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  9. Love it!!! very inspiring..great poll..good job!!! main reason here is health too and I am proud to say that I am getting healthier each day.. =) Love to read experiences from fellow vapers.

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    Not only has it improved quality of your health in fact you don’t have to worry about the people around you because they don’t get bothered as all what released are vapors. Secondly you can smoke anywhere in pubs, restaurants, in office or at homes.
    Other alternatives are also available in market such as gums and patches but they don’t fulfill the need of smoking.
    If its really getting harder for you to quit smoking, go for jasper and jasper e-cigs.

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