Are you willing to be an e-cigarette case study?

Stick journalist with notepad.
Are you ready to be interviewed?

Has your life been affected by the electronic cigarette?

We are working with a journalist who is looking for case studies.

If you:

  • have switched to the electronic cigarette because of health reasons (either because you have chosen to or been recommended to)
  • and/or have made dramatic money savings as a result of switching to the electronic cigarette
  • and/or can relate e-cigarette love stories
  • and/or have stories of overcoming adversity with the help of the e-cig

We want to hear from you!

You would need to be:

  • willing to be interviewed be a journalist
  • have a photo taken (or, even better, provide a high quality photograph of yourself)
  • based in the UK

If this fits you, and you’d like to help spread the story of the e-cigarette, please send an email outlining your story to:

[email protected]


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8 thoughts on “Are you willing to be an e-cigarette case study?

  1. I would love to be interviewed. I quit smoking a pack per day om 2/1/2011, and am eagerly looking to my first year smoke free!!

  2. I have been a smoker for 10 years.

    After many failed attempts to give up smoking using all manner of products, I feel that this time I have an amazing chance at it – since using eCigs!

    I do not feel like I am missing out, I wanted to quit for health reasons and the eCigs allow me to carry on enjoying smoking without the risks to my health or other negatives such as smelling, car covered in ash & withstanding horrible weather conditions for that quick puff!

    Money was never a massive issue for me in regards to smoking but it is certainly a rather pleasant benefit to not have to commit to £6 everyday! I have been putting the money aside to ‘treat’ myself for having quit (although I think the eCigs deserve most of the credit!).

    I would be happy to take part in an eCig case study.

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