Disposable electronic cigarettes: Are they any good?

Disposable versus refillable e-cigarette.

I think it should probably be taken as a given that I am biased writing this post.

However, I have yet to taste a disposable electronic cigarette that I have found personally satisfying.

I’ve tried several.

When Tescos brought out the 10 Motives electronic cigarette, I thought I’d try one. I bought one, and headed to the cafe for a nice coffee and a vape. Unfortunately, I found it very unsatisfying. I didn’t like the taste at all, and I had to drag very hard to get any sort of hit. (In fairness, I tried one, which could have been a dud, and other people have said that they think they were okay.)

We’ve also had several samples made for ourselves, with a view to selling them to pubs, but we’ve never been happy with them; the taste, the draw, the nicotine hit.

There’s also the Ryan Air electronic cigarette. I got excited when it was first released back in 2009, but a researcher friend who had tried it emailed us saying:

there is no sensory feedback of any kind…no feeling of anything coming out
of the tube you are sucking on, no exhalation after, no change in the device…even a
color change would help…no way to differentiate it from sucking on a plain empty cardboard tube. It seems just like a pacifier.

(From How good is Ryan Air’s E-Cigarette?)

The challenges of producing a disposable e-cigarette


There seem to be challenges in producing a good disposable electronic cigarette.

Perhaps chief amongst them is the battery. The lithium batteries supplied with regular electronic cigarette kits need a good initial charge, and the strength of the charge of the battery can effect the quantity of the vapour.

There’s also budget. Supermarkets demand huge margins, AND 90 days or more credit, which means low production costs. (We’ve been approached by supermarkets, but have turned them down for this reason.) As soon as you cut down on the cost of production, you lose quality. It’s also difficult to produce a disposable electronic cigarette to the budget requirements which meet UK trading standards.

(When Jean and Mike from ecigarettedirect were in China, one factory owner told them:

I can produce an electronic cigarette for any price you want – but you won’t get the quality!)

Other opinions

We sent off a couple of disposables to test. CAM VIP tested it with two new users, both of whom choose our halo electronic cigarette kit over a disposable. Steve, who has a blog writing electronic cigarette reviews, thought that it wasn’t really fair to compare disposable electronic cigarettes against a full kit, and that the bar should be set lower for the devices.

What do you think of disposables?

Your thoughts?

I’ve tried numerous samples, and a supermarket disposable, but I haven’t tried all disposables, and I hear that some of the ones in America are getting quite good.

So I’d like to know what you think.

Have you tried one?  Was it any good? And could they spread the word about electronic cigarettes – or put people off for life?

Image credit: Top image from Steve’s Vaping World


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9 thoughts on “Disposable electronic cigarettes: Are they any good?

  1. Well here is my two bits on disposables.

    They are as they are described, disposable. I finally decided to give an eCig a try, but was embarrassed to do so thinking it is a scam. Rather than hand over a lot of money I tried a disposable. So I bought me a Blu disposable, and I must say it was fantastic! It lasted for two days, prompting me to buy another. Then I decided to buy the Blu eCig kit. Unfortunately the disposables were better than the kit, so I sent the kit back. I then found a local vape shop, got educated on eCigs and have been vaping since, 5 months smoke free!

    So my feelings are that the disposables are great for introductory purposes into the world of vaping. Long term use can be costly, but in a pinch they work.

  2. I started out on a disposable e cig which was a bad idea as it put me off electronic cigarettes in general. It was only when my friend gave me her old rechargeable e cig as she wanted to buy another with all these mods or something im not sure but I fell in love. I haven’t quit smoking yet, but am well on my way…yeahhh 🙂 I started using 24mg nictoine and now I am down to using 11mg.

  3. The duracig disposable e cig seems ok. Just bought it from a local newsagent as I saw it on display and I was curious. I’ve only ever been an occasional smoker and it seems a reasonable alternative. I smoked it occasionally now for 10 days – one duracig is allegedly equal to 60 ciggies. So far ok with reasonable throat hi and vapour.

  4. Help! My wife’s driving me nuts complaining that the 10 motives refills are often dud! Fair doo’s to her that she’s given up the evil weed. And fair doo’s to Tesco for not quibling about replacing the dud ones. But her frustration at keeping getting dud ones is enough to drive me, this never having smoked husband, to fags!!!!

  5. Hiya I am on a normal e cig & have been for 2 yrs but I now have to go into hospital for 3 months & they will only allow the disposable type. From what I can gather duracig and blue areso farther best unless any1 can advise differently. Many thanks to any1 reading this.

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