DON’T quit cold turkey says big-pharm funded campaign (and why the campaign is wrong)


A campaign in Portsmouth is telling smokers NOT to quit cold turkey.

Whose funding the campaign? Surprise, surprise, it’s Pfizer, a manufacturer of quit smoking aids.

One problem – pharmaceutical aids, when measured at 12 months, have half the effectiveness of quitting cold turkey.

In fact, according to one study, effectiveness can be low as 0.8% – even when nicotine patches are used continuously for 6 months.

How does quitting cold turkey work out? Research points at anywhere from 3% to 11%.

The Portsmouth campaign, however, argues that cold turkey is the least effective method of smoking.

And with their arguments  based on Pfizer research, how can we doubt them?

If they’re wrong, though, they could end up killing smokers who would have quit.

What do you think? Is this a genuine attempt to help smokers – or a cynical twisting of facts to boost Pfizer’s profits?

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12 thoughts on “DON’T quit cold turkey says big-pharm funded campaign (and why the campaign is wrong)

  1. I’m afraid I don’t listen to all these so called campaigners. I did give up smoking ‘cold turkey’ for a whole year, then my father passed away and I started again. It takes will power and determination to give up, that’s if you really want to too. The nurse at my doctors surgery says ‘ don’t try giving up if you have stress in your life, and that comes from a nurse. You are your own person with a mind of your own, don’t listen to these so called people of authority, they probably haven,t smoked a day in their lives so don’t know what it is like for people who smoke and people who want to give up. I love my e-cig and I’m am really pleased with myself for not smoking, that was my choice and mine alone, and no one is going to stop me from vaping, authority can go jump off a cliff for all I care, that’s my opinion and that’s that.

  2. Hi Shiralee

    You’re not alone – Jean, our MD, once gave up for 20 years (with the help of acupucture) only to take it up again.

  3. I have a successful transition from smoking to e-cigarettes using Jasper and Jasper. The reason being so is absolutely the right brand choice. Jasper and jasper offers an awesome range of strengths. I can easily switch between these ranges, whenever whichever way I feel like. It keeps my addiction quiet and I enjoy the same smoking experience in a wonderful way.

  4. After my thirty years of smoking and 25 of trying to quit + observations of other smokers and their attempts (successful or not), I tend to agree with this article.

    The success or failure of quitting depends on genetics (somehow I FELT it was that, however since I am not a scientist, I didn’t exactly KNOW it)

    You are either able to quit cold turkey or not.
    I know some people who are (and who have done it). And I know some who aren’t.

    I don’t know a single one who quit using gums and patches. Although I know quite a few (me included) who tried.
    I tried to quit using gums half a dozen times.

    Yeah, I know, doing the same thing and expecting different results is a definition of stupid. But I was trying to help myself whatever it takes. Gums , Alan Carr’s book, knitting, cold turkey… you name it.

    Until I tried electronic cigarettes, nothing worked.
    Now I am free from 50 carcinogens and pressure. Electronic cigarette is the best thing that has ever happened to smokers.

  5. You may give up smoking with an e-cig but you haven’t tackled the real issue which is nicotine. You are simply replacing one source for another (Albeit the ecig is much healthier) – eventually everyone will need to go ‘cold-turkey’

  6. What about people who don’t want to smoke tobacco cigarettes, but do want to enjoy nicotine, or people who can’t quit? Surely they deserve a better choice than “quit or die”!

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