Electronic Cigarette Sale: Discounts and Special Offers on The Smoker’s Halo

Electronic Cigarette Sale

You can get two special offers from ecigarettedirect this month: one on mini-kits and on refills.

Mini Electronic Cigarette Kit Special Offer

Smokers Halo Super Mini Electronic Cigarette Kit.

For a limited time only, you can get a free battery (usual cost: £8.50) with every Smoker’s Halo mini electronic cigarette you buy.

The Mini Electronic Cigarette Kit has been now replaced by the new Halo Cigalike Bundle!

Electronic Cigarette Cartridge Sale

You can also get 10% of all smoker’s halo refills. To get the discount, just enter the code jandisc when you check out.

Click here to order smoker’s halo refills!

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