Smokers, you are being lied to!

Nicotine cessation aids don’t work!

A growing nose signifying the lies being told about the effectiveness of cessation aids.

The public health organisations have lied to you.

The National Health Service has lied to you.

The pharmaceutical companies have lied to you.

What’s the lie?

That nicotine cessation aids work.

In fact, a new survey reveals that using nicotine patches or gum has no effect on cessation rates.

In addition:

  • between two-thirds and three quarters of smokers have quit unaided
  • most cessation studies have been funded by the same companies which are trying to sell you smoking cessation aids
  • the most effective way to quit is cold turkey

Of course, as this blog pointed out a few days ago, we already knew cessation aids didn’t work…

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2 thoughts on “Smokers, you are being lied to!

  1. I was a heavy smoker, burning 40 plus cigs a day.
    I had my last real cigarette at 4.15pm on 27th july 2011.
    I have used an e.cig since then and have never looked back.
    I can honestly say I have had no withdrawals whatsoever.
    I had smoked for over 37 years and had tried to quit on
    many occasions,failing miserably every time.
    I would strongly recommend using e.cigs to quit real ones.

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