Embeddable Electronic Cigarette Calculator

3d Scientist with calculator!
Finally, my vork is complete!

We’ve just finished building our latest gadget – an electronic cigarette calculator.

(You might remember our quit smoking calculator – that was a bit of a dry run for this. But we think this one is better!)

Embed in Your Website

We’ve made this really easy to embed in your website, blog or on a forum! Just look under where it says embed, and click on the size you want, copy, paste – and once again, you can educate and entertain your visitors with an interactive widget!

Calculate Your Savings

Simply input the numbers of cigs you smoke/smoked and the price you paid to calculate your savings. You can use the default values or customise it with your own values. If you’d like to know how much you’d save over a lifetime, input your age (final savings are calculated using average UK lifespans.)

You can also click on the share button to share your savings on facebook, google plus or twitter.

How much can YOU save?

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