Massive Electronic Cigarette Sale AND a Coupon Discount on Cartridges

Note: This promotion is now over.

But if you’d like a great deal, sign up to our newsletter for details of our next promotion! You’ll also get reward points worth a massive £5.00, available to spend immediately on any product of our site (that’s enough to taste one of our delicious e-liquids for free 🙂 )

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The Smoker’s Angel has two end-of-month promotions for you this month, which should suit you whether you are looking for a kit or already have an electronic cigarette.

Electronic Cartridge Coupon


The first is a 10% discount on regular and king size electronic cigarette refills.

Simply enter the code angel when checking out to get 10% off your order.

I’d also be really grateful if you could click on one of the new social buttons next to the product image 🙂

Free Kit Offer

You can also get a FREE kit when you order a standard, menthol or zero nicotine electronic cigarette kit – no code needed!

Halo Vapour Co Tank Kit

Visit the website for details or to choose which electronic cigarette kit you want!

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