New Vaping Products from ECigaretteDirect

Blue Tipped Batteries

Due to popular demand, we bring you blue tipped electronic cigarette batteries. We brought these in after several requests on our Facebook page. These are very handy for pubs, clubs and other places where you don’t want people to think you are smoking.

Stephen Clark, pictured below, was one of the first to buy and try it – thanks for sending us the image, Stephen!

Stephen Clark with a blue tipped electronic cigarette battery.

To order the battery, head over to our e-cig battery page and select white battery (blue led) from the battery options.

Vaping T-Shirts

The text on this t-shirt was chosen by our facebook members (see more information on the t-shirt page.)

We were going to get three of the girls from the office to do a Charlie’s Angels type photo, but unfortunately Siska, our dispatch manager, was very shaken up after a car accident so I got photographed, despite being much less attractive. (I was in the same accident but didn’t get let off 🙁 )

Click here to view the t-shirt.

More Products Coming

We’ll be launching our new range of e-liquid later this week. We’ve actually got the e-liquid in stock now, but we have so many orders to get out at the moment we are concentrating on dispatch for the next two days. Here’s a sneak preview of just a few of the e-liquids which will be available.

A range of e-liquids from The Smoker's Angel.

We’ve also started production of our super tank, and should have this for sale in two-three weeks.

Feedback/questions/suggestions? Please let me know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “New Vaping Products from ECigaretteDirect

  1. Do please wish Siska well from me. That’s horrible news. Hope all is reasonably well by now?

    I’ll be after the blue batts soon as you get some. Thanks for that news:)

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